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June 26, 2008

Darrell Arthur


(No. 27 Overall Selection, New Orleans Hornets)

Q. Can you talk about your feelings getting drafted by New Orleans?
DARREL ARTHUR: I feel great about getting drafted to New Orleans. It's a great young team and they have great guys on the team like Julian Wright that I look up to who I can go under his wing and look up to him and just learn.

Q. Just talk about the range of emotions that were going through your head as you sat there waiting to be selected.
DARREL ARTHUR: Oh, I was just waiting there anxiously and just nervous that I didn't know who was going to pick me up. Didn't know when I was going to be picked up, so me and my mom -- me and my family just waiting patiently and just trying to see who was going to pick us up.
I didn't work out for New Orleans, so it's a blessing just to be picked up.

Q. Had you not fallen so far, you wouldn't have ended up with such a good team, it's like a mixed blessing; how do you feel being part of the Hornets, a very, very good team in a very, very good conference?
DARREL ARTHUR: I feel great I'm with a winner and with a team going to a National Championship-bound team, hopefully go in and win a lot of games and compete for a world championship.

Q. You seem to remain pretty even-keeled throughout the whole waiting process and I know there's a lot of pressure on that. Now that it's over, can you talk about how it's extra motivation for you?
DARREL ARTHUR: I'm just going in there hoping I can play. I slipped a lot because they said I had a kidney problem but I did some blood work in Washington and everything came out fine. I'm just going in positive, and going in to work hard and bringing some energy and doing what I have to do to help this team win.

Q. I guess there's some report that you might be going to Portland; do you know anything about that at this point?
DARREL ARTHUR: No, I don't know anything about it right now.

Q. It does look better than average chance you're going to end up being a Portland Trail Blazer; what is the opportunity that Portland presents if you end up being there?
DARREL ARTHUR: They are another young team and they have LaMarcus from Dallas that I can look up to, also, and they are a great young team, and, like I said, do everything I can to help this team win and bring some defensive presence to it.

Q. You said that the word didn't get out fast enough. Did you have any indication at all this was going to happen to you and did you think that because you had taken a step to get yourself tested that word would have spread quicker? Were you extremely surprised or did you have a feeling that it was going to happen?
DARREL ARTHUR: I didn't know it was going to happen at all. I thought Washington was going to let everybody know ahead of time.
Like I said, I guess word didn't spread fast enough and I'm just blessed right now just to get picked up and be picked up by a team. I might go to Portland so like I said it's going to be a young team for me and just look up to the guys and just try to go out there and win.

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