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June 26, 2008

Pat Hurst



RAND JERRIS: We are now joined by Pat Hurst. Pat with a round 6-under par, 67 this afternoon.

Pat, bogeys at 13 and 14. And then you were 6-under par for the next seven holes. Real momentum shift there for you.

PAT HURST: Definitely. I made the putt on whatever hole it was, let me think, on 15, is it? Yeah, on 15. And it just turned my whole round around. And made about a 35-footer down the hill and it was -- like I said, it turned my whole round around. </ p>

RAND JERRIS: Let's go through your card, birdies and bogeys on your card, if we can.

PAT HURST: I eagled No. 2. I hit 7 with wood to about 15 feet.

Birdied No. 3, I hit a 50 degree wedge to about ten feet.

And then I birdied No. 9. I hit 8-iron to about five feet.

Then No. 10, I hit 4-iron into the bunker and then got it up-and-down from the left bunker.

Bogeyed No. 13. I hit 9-iron to the right of the green and kind of -- chilly dipped my chip. And then chipped it up and made the putt for bogey.

14, I hit 6-iron short into the right bunker, actually hit a good shot, it was just a little short to the right bunker, chipped out to about four feet and missed the putt.

I hit 8-iron on 16 to about, like I said, 35 feet.

18, I hit it in with a 3-wood and two-putted.

Q. 35-footer was on 15?

PAT HURST: Yes, on 15.

Q. And 8-iron on 16? Just curious, on 13 --

PAT HURST: On what hole?

Q. On 13, on the chilly dip, was it straight downhill?

PAT HURST: No, I hit it right of the pin, short right.

Q. You just missed?

PAT HURST: Just didn't get it far enough, kind of hit it a little heavy.

Q. Were you overall surprised by the scores? What was your thoughts coming in and after your round?

PAT HURST: You know, I played pretty well. It seemed like that the greens were pretty -- I wouldn't say soft, but they were -- some holes you were backing them up and some holes you weren't.

If you hit a good shot the ball was going to stay on the green, which was nice. So it seemed like if you keep the ball in the fairway, knock it on the green, you can make some putts out there.

Q. When you finally see a bunch of putts go in, how much excited does that make you about playing golf tomorrow morning?

PAT HURST: It makes me real excited. I haven't been making any putts lately. And like I said outside I switched -- I played a B-60 my whole career, and switched to a different putter and I came back to the B-60 this week. This one is a Redwood type and has a different feel. It feels real good to start making some putts. And I wanted to keep going back to the putter that I had switched to before and I couldn't. I had to go back to the B-60, because it kept going in the hole.

Q. Is this the same B-60 you had previously?

PAT HURST: No, the one I had before was just a regular B-60. Then I switched to -- I don't even know what I switched to. I can't remember what I switched to. It was another Ping putter.

Q. Why the switch?

PAT HURST: Just to try to change the look a little bit. When I go back to the B-60, it's the same look, but it looks different once you go back to it. So it feels really comfortable in my hands.

Q. A lot of people did really well on No. 2 today, as you did. Did you see that 2 was playing short and just attack it from the beginning or did it just kind of come out that way?

PAT HURST: No, well it's a par-5. The hole sets up perfect for me. I fade it off the tee and it just sets up perfect for a fade. So I felt very comfortable on that hole. The par-5s out here are risk/reward. It's a lot of fun to play golf courses like that.

RAND JERRIS: Thanks for your time and we wish you luck tomorrow.

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