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June 25, 2008

Ai Sugiyama


A. SUGIYAMA and K. SREBOTNIK/J. Cravero and B. Jozami
6-4, 6-0

Q. It was definitely a match of two parts. What was it that suddenly changed? Was it a case of you having to get into your rhythm as a pair?
AI SUGIYAMA: Well, we haven't played -- after French Open we haven't played for two weeks, and then this is our first grass court doubles together.
Well, for me, I didn't get a good rhythm at all from the beginning. I lost my service game at the beginning, so I got the -- I wasn't feeling great at the beginning, but somehow we have to find out that we never know -- actually this was the first time that we played against them, so we had no idea what they were going to do.
So first couple games it was struggling to get into how they played. But after two, three games, then we get to know each other and then started to feel a little bit better.

Q. And the second set, you couldn't have asked for a better result, really. You must be pleased with how you played.
AI SUGIYAMA: Yeah, I mean, it wasn't easy, but as a score it was like really easy, 6-Love. For me it was just play point by point, and on grass it's going so fast, and you have to just keep going once we got the rhythm, otherwise it's going the other way, as well.
For us to be a little bit more aggressive is going to be the step that we have to play for the next match. At the beginning it was kind of tough, but as it goes through, it was better at the end, so it was good.

Q. And obviously it's important to take one match at a time, but last year you and Katarina got to the finals. Do you see yourselves there again this year?
AI SUGIYAMA: Well, definitely. We definitely want to be better than last year. That's our goal.
But as I said, each match is going to be very tough, and I didn't look that far yet and just focus on every match and see how it goes. Once we get good rhythm and good going the way we played, then it's a little bit easier, but first couple rounds it's going to be tough, so just play, focus, point by point, game by game, then looking forward to having a good two weeks.

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