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June 23, 2008

Juan Carlos Ferrero


J. FERRERO/S. Querrey
2-6, 6-4, 6-4, 6-4

Q. I thought you'd forgotten how to play grass court tennis there for a set.
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Not really, but I was not playing for a couple of weeks because I was injured, so at the beginning I couldn't get a lot of rhythm.
He plays very fast all the time with his serve and also with his forehand. You know, I was trying all the time, and since the second set I think I played a good match.

Q. With the way he hits the ball, he strikes very early. It must be very difficult to get a long rally to get some rhythm into the match.
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Well, yeah, of course. But the big worry to me was try to move well on the court because of my injury in the last weeks. At the beginning I was a little bit slower than after.
It wasn't the strokes or the rallies, I think. The best word for me was try to move well and try to hit the ball well.

Q. What's his future, do you think?

Q. Sam Querrey.
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: I don't know. I think he has to learn like everybody, and I think he has good potential to play good. He has a very good serve, good forehand.
I think he can play really good in all surface, like he did. Maybe in the clay courts season he play good.

Q. What do you hope for when the U.S. hard court season begins? How many tournaments do you think you'll be able to play?
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: I'm going to play Toronto and Cincinnati and the US Open.

Q. So that will be just enough?

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