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June 23, 2008

David Nalbandian


F. DANCEVIC/D. Nalbandian
6-4, 6-2, 6-4

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please, for David Nalbandian.

Q. Your thoughts on that one?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Well, uhm, I don't have many chances that much. I didn't play well. So I never thought it was going to be like this.

Q. Any idea why you didn't play well?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: You have that kind of day sometimes. I tried.
Every shot I miss, I miss by close. Important shots, important points are all gone.

Q. Because you're known for your ability to come back in matches, to stick in there and come back. It just didn't happen tonight.
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Well, try. I break once, but she (sic) had a lot of advantage in that set. I couldn't turn it around.

Q. It's been sort of a frustrating couple of weeks for you. You did quite well at Queen's until you played Novak. Now today. You can play on grass, can't you? You reached the final here. Frustrating?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Yeah. Well, I expected better than this for sure.

Q. What were your expectations coming in?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Much better than this, for sure.

Q. Physically you're fine? There was no problem with that? Did you feel your preparation was good?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Well, not a hundred percent, but...

Q. In what way?

Q. What's the injury?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: I can't tell you.

Q. Why?

Q. Just interested. No.

Q. Do you prefer not to talk about your injuries? Are you worried that it will sound like you're making excuses, or...
DAVID NALBANDIAN: There's no reason to talk for.

Q. Did the injury hamper you on court?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: I already asked you that one.

Q. You seemed quite flat emotionally. Did you feel like that, or was it a physical thing?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Maybe both, yeah.

Q. Were you flat mentally because of the physical problem?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: It's hard to tell which is first and which is second.

Q. You're known for going deep into Grand Slams. You haven't gone deep into a Grand Slam for quite a while now.
DAVID NALBANDIAN: Yeah, that's one of my goals, and I couldn't made it.

Q. So what will you do next?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: The hard court season in U.S.

Q. Do you expect to be fit again relatively quickly?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: I don't know. We will try.

Q. No Olympic Games?

Q. How would you actually summarize this disappointment? How disappointed are you today?
DAVID NALBANDIAN: I already asked that one.

Q. In the sense of overall.
DAVID NALBANDIAN: (No response.)

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