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June 21, 2008

Chad Campbell


Q. (No microphone.)
CHAD CAMPBELL: It was a good day today. Birdied the second. Just kept it going all day. Made my share of putts today so that was nice.

Q. Said something very interesting. You kept it going all day. I thought you kept your foot on the accelerator. You got 5, 6-under, you just wanted more. You continued to be aggressive.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yea, I did. You hit the ball on the fairway you get a lot of birdie opportunities. I had one hiccup there on 14, I belive, I 3-putted there which is a little lazy I guess on the greens. You know, overall very happy with the way I played.

Q. I didn't know if that ball was on the green at 14. If it was, you hit eighteen greens today.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Really? That's pretty good. Definitely improvement of what I have been.

Q. Tell me about the eagle at 13?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Hit a decent tee shot out there, kind of in between a 3-wood and 2-iron. Kind of hooked the 2-iron up there just short of the green, probably an inch or two off the green.

Q. I thought you had a great look at birdie to take sole possession of the lead on 17th the as well.
CHAD CAMPBELL: I did. We just misread that. I had a good putt and just played it a little too much right.

Q. Is the course playing easy? We had rain overnight. There's several pins out there just four from edge, but you're able to be aggressive because the greens are soft?
CHAD CAMPBELL: They are a little soft. They were rolling great this morning. But there's still some holes that you got to hit a good tee shot and hit a good iron shot.

Q. I know your win in the fall series turned a so-so year into a very good year. Carry that momentum into good thought for tomorrow?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Absolutely. I feel like I'm playing decent. Not of late. Missed quite a few cuts here lately. I had three good rounds last week at The Open and kind of carried it over into this week.

Q. You know I am a west Texas guy. I'll be cheering for you.
CHAD CAMPBELL: That's right. Thanks. I appreciate it.

Q. Target golf today?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It was a little soft. The greens were a little softer today and kind of throw the it right at the fence.

Q. Seemed like your putter was working awfully well today?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I did. I made my share today. Made a couple really long ones which was nice. The others I hit pretty closely, was able to make the putts there too as well.

Q. Had a run at the course record. One shy of D.J. (inaudible.)
CHAD CAMPBELL: It is. Get the ball on the fairway you got a lot of good looks, a lot of good opportunities. The greens are rolling great. So, you know, definitely got close, but happy with 62.

Q. Scramble a little bit on 18 to the bunker?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah. Hit a little bit of a bad tee shot, a little bit of a left to right wind. Hit a good shot to the bunker and just kind of the middle of this green.

Q. Was that your career round, or have you done better than 62?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I've had some 61s.

Q. You are in a great position going into tomorrow. I guess that's the goal right now with possible weather coming in as well?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Absolutely. Won't be in the lead by the time the day's over. The guys will shoot pretty low this afternoon. But got myself in a better chance for tomorrow.

Q. When you know that guys can potentially put up some great scores each day here when the conditions are right, does it put more pressure on each guy knowing the other guy is capable of doing that?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It's hard to say. You just got to go out there and play your game and take advantage of it when you can. And the holes that you do get into trouble just try not to do anything stupid and hopefully make par and definitely no worse than bogey. The birdies are out there, just got to limit the mistakes.

Q. How nice is it for guys that played in The Open -- how nice is it to see the other side of the coin?
CHAD CAMPBELL: It is. Getting to make a lot of birdies.
I think the fans enjoy that too. The finish is great. You know, 15, a lot of people watching that hole, just a great risk-reward hole. And we got 16, 17 and 18, a great finish. A lot of birdies, but you can make some bogeys as well.

Q. Great round. Good luck tomorrow.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Thank you. Appreciate it.

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