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June 20, 2008

Graeme Storm


RODDY WILLIAMS: Very well played out there. You had a lot of birdies, a lot of bogeys and just one shot off the lead at the moment. Sum up the day for us.
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, a little bit disappointed obviously making so many bogeys to be honest, just silly mistakes really but had lots of birdies and just enjoyed myself over there the past two days.
RODDY WILLIAMS: You didn't have a par over your last nine holes, did you?
GRAEME STORM: No. It was just one of those things, close at 1 and 2, fatted an 8-iron on No. 3 and made bogey and holed a couple of good putts on the next three holes and 3-putted the next. Just one of those things really. Some of the things were going for me and some were not really.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Good position to be in going into the weekend.
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, very pleased. I didn't turn up until Wednesday at lunchtime, so I came in quite relaxed and just enjoying myself playing.

Q. You had a reason for being late. Can you tell us about that?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, I just took my wife to see Boyzone. Fortunately enough, I played golf with Ronan Keating last year in the Dunhill Links and he was very kind to invite us to the concert at Newcastle on the Tuesday evening. So it was a chance for the wife and myself having a chance to go out and it was good fun and got to go backstage and meet the guys and had drinks afterwards.

Q. Not perfectly prepared, but you said you really enjoyed the two days?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, preparation-wise, I've played this golf course so many times, I didn't really need to see that much of it. It's nice to spend some quality time with my baby girl and what-have-you.
I knew I had a five-week stretch coming up, defending next week and all the way through to The Open. So to be honest I wasn't going to be playing this week, so it was a late sort of entry, if you like. I decided fairly late on that I was going to play. But it's a course that I've always done pretty good around and never missed a cut and came in and relaxed and enjoy it.
You know, you get the perfect draw, get to play with Retief, obviously a great player in his own right, and a legend like John Daly, for me that was a thrill to be part of that threeball and get chance to play with somebody I've admired over the last ten, 15 years.

Q. Did you learn anything from playing with John?
GRAEME STORM: Well, I mean, playing with those guys, obviously you know you've got to compete as hard as you can. You know you've got to knuckle down and play as good as you can. Unfortunately John is not playing as good as what he has done in the past and hopefully in the near future he will find his form and start competing at the highest level again when he should be.
Just to be in his company was great. You know, he's a nice guy and he's nice and relaxed and you sort of feed off that.

Q. How late was the decision to play?
GRAEME STORM: I decided on the week of Austria, just before the closing day. So I had entered but I was thinking of pulling out, but it was just -- I had not been playing great so I decided that the best way to get through is just to play through it and on.
I thought as long as I stay relaxed, I'll find my way back. Looking at the way I'm scoring, I have.

Q. Obviously a great time in your life with the daughter but disruptive, as well, in terms of sleep?
GRAEME STORM: Yeah, it was been a little bit. To be honest like the week of the U.S. Open, I was quite lucky to go and play back there for a couple of days and get sort of ready for The Open, because obviously you want to be ready and prepared for it.
But yeah, I mean, obviously you get sleepless nights and what-have-you and you get through it. It's the same for myself and my wife, but just something that you have to do and actually enjoy doing it.

Q. Are you back to the form and the way you were hitting it at the world championship?
GRAEME STORM: No, I wouldn't say so, no. I would say I'm probably about 60, 70 per cent to where I was then so there's a lot to be working towards and it's just nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel, when I played Wentworth and Memorial, I felt as though I kept myself going even though I had so much time off but the results didn't show it. I didn't play well and struggled.
Then I went back to Austria and played better and that's when I made the decision I was going to play through it.

Q. When was the last concert you went to and what were they like?
GRAEME STORM: What was the last one? That was the first one I've ever been to. Never been to any other concert ever. Something that's never really been my thing really. After seeing them, it was good. I mean, they put on a fantastic show and like I said, they were very kind to let us backstage and have drinks with them and what-have-you.

Q. Did you bring the baby?
GRAEME STORM: No, the baby stayed with the parents.
RODDY WILLIAMS: Thank you very much.

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