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June 20, 2008

Ken Duke


NELSON SILVERIO: Ken Duke, thanks for joining us for a few minutes. You follow up your 65 yesterday with a 66 today. Get us started just comparing conditions between yesterday and today.
KEN DUKE: It was more windy than I thought. Thursday afternoon I don't know if there was as much wind as we had. But it got the greens a little dried out and got them a lot faster. Tough to get to some of the pins.

Q. What shot did you hit on 7? That looked like a great shot.
KEN DUKE: It was a good one.

Q. It was a little off-line?
KEN DUKE: I missed the putt on 6, I hit a great birdie shot on 6 and just pushed it.
Hit a good shot on 7 but I had a good number to the front and that's all I wanted, and it came out perfect and we were hoping it would hold the rest of the way. It was great to have a little kick-in so it kind of was a little payback for 6.

Q. Do you think everything evens out here like they say in baseball, the line drives?
KEN DUKE: I hope so. Obviously you get some good bounces, you get some bad ones, and I think sometimes you get some bad ones when you don't want a bad one and vice versa. I think it happens.

Q. How did the course play? It got much windier there in the afternoon. How did it play?
KEN DUKE: A little more dry, a little more fast. Some of the drives got out there a little further than what we were thinking. It played a little more difficult, like 1, 2 and 3 was playing hard to me. And then 4 and 5 was the ones yesterday that seemed like they were playing a little bit longer. So it was a little bit different wind. It's just drying out. It's going to keep drying out if we don't get any rain.

Q. What would Larry Bird say about a round like this?
KEN DUKE: Just keep working hard, having fun.

Q. Was it a good day today?
KEN DUKE: It was a good day. I mean, a steady day. In his words, it would probably be a 25-point game and not a 40-point game. But it's fun. I mean, sure, after the start I got off to, I thought I could get it to double digits and just let it go on 17 and 18 and kind of gave one back. I had wedges in my hand and thought I could make a birdie or two. The wind was blowing like we were talking about. Just made a couple birdies on the back, on my front nine, so it was good.

Q. Have you ever been involved in a tournament like this in which the cut line was wavering between 2-under and 3-under so if the leader is 9 and everybody is -- the cut is like six off the lead. Is that kind of strange out here?
KEN DUKE: No, it happens. I mean, I've been out of the cut by 20 spots before and then made the cut, or I've been in the cut by 20 spots and missed the cut. It's just the conditions. If it keeps windy, it might go back to -- I don't even know what it is. It might go back one. But it happens out here. You never know how the guys are playing and how they handle the conditions.
NELSON SILVERIO: Do you mind taking us through your clubs on your birdies?
KEN DUKE: Started out on the back nine. I birdied No. 11, which I hit a great shot in there.
Then on 13 and 14 I had really good short putts, just hit some really good iron shots, drove it pretty good.
Then the front nine, the wind started kicking up. We were playing right into the wind the first three holes and made three good pars.
Then hit it in the fairway bunker on 4 and made a bomb, which you need that when the round is going.
Then I missed the putt on 6 that I thought I should have made.
Then made a great birdie on 7 and parred in. So it was just a good, solid day.

Q. How long was the birdie putt on the long one?
KEN DUKE: Probably 60 feet, at least. I was at the back and the pin is like 16 on. I was probably at least 50, 60 feet. It was just perfect, and I just didn't know if it was going to go in. It looked good the whole way, perfect speed, and it fell right in.

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