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June 20, 2008

Hunter Mahan


NELSON SILVERIO: Hunter Mahan, thanks for joining us. 63, bogey-free today, leading the Travelers Championship, familiar territory, why don't you just talk about your round.
HUNTER MAHAN: Yeah, hit it really well off the tee and into the green. If you put the ball in play out here, you can make a lot of birdies. Felt pretty good about my game coming into this week.

Q. Feel like you really start playing well when you come up here?
HUNTER MAHAN: Seems likes it. I seem to come here and play well but I felt good beforehand. I felt like I played good last week. Loved my chances coming into this week. Feel really good about this course and my game, so yeah, I'm definitely excited about the rest of this weekend and the rest of this year.

Q. What is it about this course in particular that suits your game so well?
HUNTER MAHAN: I just seem to roll good shots. It's a well-designed golf course, and the greens have enough flow to them where they make it tricky, where they put the pins, it just a great layout. You can make birdies, but you can also make a bogey if your distance isn't right.
But I just feel comfortable here. I make a lot of free swings and I can play golf and I don't have to worry about where the ball might end up.

Q. Do you have a particular favorite hole, and how did you play it today?
HUNTER MAHAN: Favorite hole, you know, I think 4 is a great hole. 15 is a great short par 4, risk/reward. I was able to drive it on the green today and 2-putt for birdie.
16, 17, was just a great couple-hole stretch there. I birdied 16 today and hit two good shots on 17.

Q. Compare the conditions today on the course to yesterday.
HUNTER MAHAN: It was a little softer today and this morning. Greens are a little firmer in the afternoon. The wind is picking up a little bit out there. But fantastic weather, and the course is in perfect shape. The greens are healthy and they are real thick, so a little almost grainy out there. But you can be aggressive on them.

Q. If the scores pick up --
HUNTER MAHAN: You know, you definitely see that out here, where the conditions are just set up great to shoot in the red.

Q. Is there a change in mind-set that has to occur after coming off playing a course like Torrey Pines and then coming here?
HUNTER MAHAN: I think it's more of a mind-set to play Torrey Pines than here. When you play Torrey and the U.S. Open, you get set up for a battle. It's going to be a tough day.
And when you come here, it's a little bit more relaxed and you're not penalized for missing a shot. It's just, you don't have to change -- from Torrey, you really have to change things up and strategize hard. Out here you can play a little more free, a little more aggressive.
NELSON SILVERIO: Hunter, thanks.

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