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June 16, 2008

Tiger Woods


Q. Tiger, congratulations. Have you ever experienced a Major Championship with this kind of ups and downs, so volatile?
TIGER WOODS: No. It was unbelievable. The whole week, the golf course was set up so fair, but also so difficult. Everyone who's come out this week has been absolutely fantastic. The atmosphere is incredible. I mean the fans here what they were -- they made the tournament. And then today it was just unreal. Honestly. That it just he ebbing and flowing.
Roc looked like he was in control, I thought I was in control then he was back in control again. And it was back and forth, back and forth. And 90 holes wasn't enough. We had to go one more.

Q. Walking away from 10 today up by 3, nothing's a sure thing, but you must have felt pretty confident and that three shot lead evaporated quickly?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, it did. Three shots on this golf course isn't much. I was playing a little military golf there, you know, left and right, so I was kind of slapping it around and just trying to get the ball on the green. I was putting so well, I thought just get the ball on the green somehow and I just had to struggle doing it.
But Roc just made three birdies right there in a row. And that hat trick was the one, one of the more impressive runs that you can ever have on this golf course.

Q. Throughout the weekend how much was the knee bothering you and how much of a factor was it in this championship?
TIGER WOODS: I'm glad I'm done. I'm done. I really don't feel like playing any more. It's a bit sore. And I -- all I can say is the atmosphere is what kept me going. The tournament, being a Major Championship here at Torrey Pines, all the people, it could have very easily, I couldn't ever quit in front of these people. It wasn't going to happen.

Q. There have been not just so many victories but so many extraordinary moments, kind of indelible moments and there were several this weekend. What stands out in your mind?
TIGER WOODS: Oh, God, you know, what did I make three doubles? Four doubles this week? Made three eagles. Four doubles. Perfect. Even better.
It just was an unbelievable week. It was up-and-down, up-and-down all week and for 91 holes, through all that, finished 1-under par.

Q. When do you plan to play again?
TIGER WOODS: Not for awhile. Not for awhile. I'm going to shut it down for a little bit here and see what happens.

Q. Two more quick things. A final thought about Tiger Woods. A lot of guys have made a run at you, this was one of the gutsy yes, sir runs?
TIGER WOODS: Yeah, there's no doubt. I mean, Roc everyone knows Roc. He's -- he's a great guy. Roc has been just unbelievably nice to me and a great friend to me over the years since my first year out here on TOUR. And to have him out here, and don't forget, Roc's in bad shape last year, his back was really bothering him and for him to be out here again at 45 and playing this well, I can't wait five more years now, and then he's off our TOUR. And I think he's playing like this, if he keeps playing like this -- but, no, honestly, it was an unbelievable gutsy performance. He played so well, he put so much pressure on me all day today. And he played well all week. It was just a -- it was a great battle all day and also a great friendship too.

Q. Last thing, the U.S. Open traditionally ends on Father's Day and in this case a day later, but this is the first U.S. Open you've experienced as a father. Your daughter Sam was born just shortly after last year's U.S. Open. She is here. How much of this she will remember firsthand we can't say, she's just a few days shy of her first birthday. But it has to matter that she was here?
TIGER WOODS: There's no doubt. This is -- I remember here at Torrey Pines during the Buick was the first time she ever crawled. And now she's running around here. So it means everything. It really does. To have -- I lost my dad a couple years ago, and I know how special it was for him in 2002 for me to bring this home and talk to him about it and share it with him. I can't do that any more, but now I'm a father, I'm on the other side now. So this couldn't have been -- it's probably the greatest tournament I've ever had.

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