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June 26, 2005

Brittany Lang


Q. You and another amateur finished as runners up in this championship, what does that mean to you?

BRITTANY LANG: It's pretty exciting. I mean, I didn't look at the leaderboard all day, so I didn't really know exactly where I stood, but it is definitely exciting.

Q. You will get some good exemptions out of this, exempt into the Women's Open next year, even if you turn professional. You will probably be more well known around the country than you have ever been. What kind of effect will that have on your life?

BRITTANY LANG: I mean, of course I am glad I had this week, so my name gets out there because I am going to turn pro at the end of the summer. It's also exciting to be exempt for next year Women's Open because I will be pro then. It's exciting.

Q. Was it a little frustrating, an amazing shot away from getting to play in a playoff tomorrow?

BRITTANY LANG: I had no idea though. It was just a golf shot to me, so it wasn't a very good shot in on 18 but it was a good putt. I thought it was in, but...

Q. You were a great shot from Birdie away?

BRITTANY LANG: Oh right, yeah. It was a great shot.

Q. Talk about the feelings, I mean, that you were so close that a miracle kept you out of a playoff?

BRITTANY LANG: She was 4-over so she could have gotten that up-and-down and won it anyway, so.....

Q. How did it feel watching the last couple of holes knowing that you were close?

BRITTANY LANG: I had a great week regardless of how they finished up.

Q. What did you think of pin placements? Even tougher today, about what you expected?

BRITTANY LANG: They were tough today but I would say the second day they were the toughest. They still were pretty tough today. You couldn't really go at a lot of them.

Q. Without knowing I guess you didn't want to know, how did you make decisions about when to be aggressive, when to be a little cautious?

BRITTANY LANG: I looked at the leaderboard on the back side just to see if my name was anywhere up there and it was up there, that's all I needed to know. So I just -- I went after what I needed to, like the pins that were tucked, I didn't go after those. I played to the centers of the green.

But I was pretty aggressive with putts.

Q. Played the course?


Q. On your last putt it was so close, did you think that was in?

BRITTANY LANG: I did. I didn't -- it was actually a pretty straight putt. I played it right half. It went a little right at the end. Of course I thought it was in.

Q. Is it good or maybe not so good for the ladies' Tour that so many amateurs were in control of really the biggest championship on the Tour?

BRITTANY LANG: It's a tough golf course. They play week-in and week-out so you get tired, but I think it's awesome for women's golf to have all these amateurs out here playing good golf. I think it's definitely good.

Q. Does this pretty much solidify the decision that you made knowing that you made the right decision to turn pro at the end of the year?

BRITTANY LANG: I was already pretty confident in my decision, but of course, this adds just a little bit more to my confidence turning pro. But I was already set on it.

Q. Missed out on a big payday?

BRITTANY LANG: That's how it goes when you are an amateur.

Q. After yesterday sounded like you had pretty good idea, you talked about going low, I mean, what you shot today was low in relation --

BRITTANY LANG: I didn't think that that was going to contend. I thought low was going to have to be a mid to high 60s, but I was definitely off on that. Today I felt like I shot 68, something like that.

Q. Given all the youth in this tournament, let's say from 22 on down, all the teenagers included, twelve years from now how difficult will it be to win a tournament given all the youth now?

BRITTANY LANG: I was thinking about that. I think it's going to be -- I think the scores are going to get lower every year. I think it's going to get very tough. When all these amateurs get out here -- they all have a lot of fight in them so I think it's going to be very tough.

Q. Do you plan that same strategy of not watching that leaderboard as much in the future? Does that work better for you or do you think you'd rather know, maybe you would have done something at 17 and 18?

BRITTANY LANG: I really couldn't have done a whole lot. I birdied 17, and 18 is just a tough hole. But I am still feeling it out. I haven't played in that many LPGA's so I am still seeing what works for me.

I mean, I would say for anybody that not watching the leaderboard would be the best thing, I mean, for me definitely.

Q. What club did you hit in on 18?

BRITTANY LANG: I hit a 3-wood off the tee. 3-iron into the green.

Q. Watching the approach shot, did you know that's where it was going, how did you hit that? You hit it well?

BRITTANY LANG: It shot off dead right from the start. That bunker right there is not a bad place to be because that's not a terribly difficult bunker shot.

Q. What about 17, what did you use?

BRITTANY LANG: Into the green?

Q. Yes.

BRITTANY LANG: Little lob wedge. I was probably about 50, 55 yards.

End of FastScripts.

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