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June 12, 2008

Kobe Bryant


Q. How do you guys bounce back from this type of loss?
KOBE BRYANT: Whine about it tonight, a lot of wine, a lot of beer, a couple shots, maybe like 20 of them, digest it, get back to work tomorrow. Nothing you can do.

Q. What's your feeling right now? Stunned, deflated? Certainly more than just disappointed.
KOBE BRYANT: I mean, we let a huge opportunity slip away, so I'm upset, hurt, disappointed. It's a huge loss, no doubt about it. We'll just get back to work tomorrow.

Q. Two things: Realistically on paper it's going to be tough to beat this team three straight. Talk about your thoughts on that, and also what the hell happened out there?
KOBE BRYANT: I'm not thinking about beating them three straight. We're thinking about beating them on Sunday. Then you move on from there. Take one swing at a time to chop down a tree. We gave them a lot of fast-break points, allowed them to get back in the game with free throws and three-point opportunities. That's a deadly combination.

Q. Is it almost hard to believe?
KOBE BRYANT: No, I'm a realist. It happened. It is what it is. At the same time there's a lot of positive things that we did. We've got to take the good things that we did well in this game, understand what we did wrong in the third quarter and move on from there. We'll take care of business on Sunday.

Q. The third quarter has been a problem throughout the series for you. How much has shot selection played a factor in that?
KOBE BRYANT: Well, I think they did a good job forcing us to take difficult shots. I think their defense picked up, but all in all, we did a much better job in the first half getting back on defense. We've got to do a better job of cutting back on those easy opportunities and not putting them to the free-throw line and giving them timely three-point opportunities.

Q. Was it a matter of what the Celtics did to you or what you did to yourselves that allowed them to come back from such a big deficit?
KOBE BRYANT: I think it's a combination of both, always. It's a combination of their defense, a combination of our poor execution. But it's time for us to get back to the basics, understand what we did right and try to impose our will next game.

Q. Ray Allen was on you at the beginning of the game. They switched up with Ray Allen. Talk about the difference and the different personnel on you.
KOBE BRYANT: There was no difference. They were determined to not let me beat them tonight. I saw three, four bodies every time I touched the ball.

Q. Have you said anything to the team yet? I mean, as the leader have you had a talk with any of your teammates yet?
KOBE BRYANT: No, not right now. Right now I think it's normal for everybody to be a little disappointed, a little pissed off. It's human nature. But tomorrow you've just got to get back to work.

Q. Did Phil say anything to them after the game or did he just kind of let it sit?
KOBE BRYANT: He let it sit.

Q. As a scorer, how difficult is it when you don't make a basket in that first half to get into that offensive rhythm you need to be in in the second half?
KOBE BRYANT: You just need to kind of read the flow of the game. Like I said, I saw three, four bodies all night. It was about making a pass and trying to get guys open opportunities. If they don't have open opportunities, then move the ball. But in terms of my personal rhythm, it's a little bit more difficult to get going when you've got three, four guys running at you.
But I think we did some positive things, and we'll look to go back to that the next game.

Q. 48 minutes left, man. 48 minutes. Every game is unique and singular in its own way, you know that. Third quarter, though, opportunity to go for the jugular, up 18 at the half. What prevented it, prevented the scoring from really going to the next level emotionally and going for the kill?
KOBE BRYANT: Nothing. We just wet the bed. A nice big one, too, one of the ones you can't put a towel over. It was terrible.
Nothing you can do about it. They played great in the third quarter, we played like crap. They pulled out a great win, now it's time to move on to the next one, period.

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