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June 12, 2008

Pau Gasol


Q. The play when Ray Allen got by Sasha Vujacic, Phil said he told you guys to stay with their shooters. Can you describe your thought process when Ray got to the basket?
PAU GASOL: Well, I thought that he was going to keep him in front of him, but obviously when you're guarding Ray Allen, you're concerned about his shot, shooting ability. I was just -- I saw the shot clock going down and kind of went to make sure I put a body on Garnett for the rebound, but I probably should have helped him out, react to that penetration. I just wasn't expecting it, and make him kick it out to Garnett, make him make a jump shot from the corner. But it happened pretty quick.

Q. It seemed like you guys had great spacing in the first half, particularly in the first quarter. What happened in the second half?
PAU GASOL: I guess we got away from the things that we were doing well in the first half. We were playing with confidence. We were playing, passing the ball really sharp, not turning the ball over and finishing up aggressive on the rim.
Second half we just got away from it a little bit. We started settling, and then they started making shots. They started taking advantage of those long shots and those turnovers we had in the third quarter, and then it put a lot of pressure on us. So we were really tentative at the end of the game with the ball in our hands. It just didn't make things easy for ourselves.

Q. Was there something specific the Celtics did defensively in that second half to stop the execution?
PAU GASOL: I'm not sure that it was them that kind of got us to go a different direction. I don't think their game plan changed at halftime. You know, we have been struggling on third quarters. I think that every single game of this series in the third quarter we seem to give up a lot of points, which we were aware of it and we were concerned about it, and we wanted to make sure that we came out and we took advantage of the lead that we had going into the halftime.
But we weren't able to do it, again. Like I said, got away from the things we were doing well in the first half, and we weren't as aggressive, I don't think. We just settled a little too much and turned the ball over.

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