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June 11, 2008

Kendrick Perkins


Q. You got rebounds last night.
KENDRICK PERKINS: Oh, did I get rebounds last night? We didn't play great last night, to be honest. I thought our execution was poor. We didn't execute offensively. I thought our defense was pretty good. We gave them a few offensive rebounds late in the game, including myself. Other than then, though, we didn't have no kind of right execution last night on offense.

Q. Was there a sense you were rushing early?
KENDRICK PERKINS: I don't know. I just don't think we were aggressive enough last night.

Q. They said that defensively you guys got spread out too much or a little bit more than you like.
KENDRICK PERKINS: Yeah. You know, you trapping Kobe, man, and they got those type of shooters on the court, you know, you're basically telling him to pass the ball and make the other guys make plays. It's the NBA. You can't give any guy a wide-open look in this league. Guys get paid for a reason, guys are here for a reason.
I thought Kobe did -- he did one play that was cheap. He had the ball like right at half court and he played from the trap, and he actually backed up on his heels, told Lamar to flag, he hit Lamar, Lamar hit Vujacic for the three, and that was a crucial play. But you know, you trap a guy, you'll be giving up something.

Q. (Inaudible).
KENDRICK PERKINS: I think so because you can't help it. You got Kobe on the iso, you got him surrounded by a lot of great shooters, so it's hard to trap him and it's hard to jump on him. So I think it is a good adjustment that they made.

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