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September 10, 2005

Paula Creamer

Beth Daniel

Juli Inkster

Rosie Jones

Christina Kim

Meg Mallon


MEG MALLON: 40 feet, I paced it.

ROSIE JONES: We had the most awesome match I've ever played in Solheim history. It was so much fun. We kind of bantered on the Front 9 a little bit. We really didn't take advantage of some wild swings the Europeans had, but hung in there with a couple of birdies, and on the Back 9, Meg just came alive and played awesome, and it was just back and forth matching birdies, and so much fun to watch, and then I made the big putt on the last to hopefully win, and she topped it.

MEG MALLON: What a match. That was one of the best ones I ever been a part of. It's right up there with the Inkster match that we had where she made the putt on 16. Although I think Juli's was 100 feet on 16. Same feeling.

ROSIE JONES: That's just such an oh, never mind. Go ahead.

How about the birdies on 14, you know? That pin is so tough to get to, and Meg hits it up there 2 feet, and

MEG MALLON: I can go.

ROSIE JONES: Suzann hits it up there about 12 feet and makes it after

MEG MALLON: On top of me.

ROSIE JONES: On top of her. Just back and forth birdies, putts. It was just so much fun.

MEG MALLON: It was fun.

ROSIE JONES: Glad it's over.

Q. If you can raise your hand so we can hear the questions.

Do you think in any way, shape or form the espirit de corps, the relationships, you have developed has helped you after the first day, which was pretty disappointing?

MEG MALLON: I think the morning was inspiring for us. For those guys to go out and do what they did in the morning was fantastic, because they closed the deal, and that's our mantra right now is how you finish, and we finished it off this morning. It was great.

Q. I don't have any idea which one of you guys to ask this question, but three of the four matches this afternoon were just tense, tight, brutally competitive, went to the 18th hole.

Is that what you look for tomorrow with the singles?

ROSIE JONES: No, we want to finish them off about 5 and 4, something like that. It would be a lot nicer. It was fun.

Q. What do you expect tomorrow?

ROSIE JONES: Tough matches.

MEG MALLON: Really tough matches.

ROSIE JONES: We expect tough matches.

Q. This would be for Rosie, Meg and Beth.

Do you ever get tired of watching Juli try to dance and jump like that?

CHRISTINA KIM: She's hot. What are you talking about?

BETH DANIEL: We should buy her some lessons.

MEG MALLON: Like you said, try to dance.

JULIE INKSTER: I have fun.

ROSIE JONES: You have a new jump move going this year.

JULIE INKSTER: I'm doing a little Shaft.

BETH DANIEL: I love to see her dance because that means something good happened for our team.

Q. The tee shot on 18 really took its toll on the Europeans, two of the last four Europeans went in the water. Somebody address the difficulty of that tee shot on 18.

BETH DANIEL: It's a tough shot. It's like you can't basically, you cannot miss it left or right. You pretty much have to thread the needle, so you have to stand up there and know what kind of shot you're going to hit, and you have to pull it off, and it's one of the most difficult tee shots probably in the game of golf.

ROSIE JONES: It doesn't matter how far you hit it because you have to cut a little bit off, you know, at each angle, and the way that it's designed, it's perfect, because everybody takes as much risk as the next person. The longer player is rewarded, of course, because they got a shorter club.

I felt so happy when I was sitting there with a 6 iron in my hand. I was just so happy. You're right in the middle of the fairway.

Q. I apologize if this has been asked. My editor called so I had to step out of the room.

Maybe to the veterans, what do you do on a Saturday night with a tie 8 8? What's the protocol? Do you party? Do you rest?

BETH DANIEL: Are you kidding?

CHRISTINA KIM: I'm not a veteran, and I know, sleep.

MEG MALLON: Actually, because it's spread out so much, some people are going to be getting up really early and other people are going to wait, so, it's really, you know, based on where you are in the 12 matches, and how your preparation is.

I got to tell you, we got completely thrown off our preparation this afternoon. That was unbelievable. I don't know what happened, and it's unprecedented in Solheim Cup, but Rosie and I were told we had 20 minutes, and we didn't even have a chance to we had a couple of putts, a couple of shots, and we had to go play.

And, you know, we were definitely out of rhythm starting out.

ROSIE JONES: We were thinking that they were going to back up a couple groups and we would go even later than our original time, so we were kind of lolly gagging around, and we were kind of slow poking our routine, and all of a sudden it was about 12:15, and because we thought we were going to go about 1:10 or something like that. It was 12:15 and they told us you are going at 12:30.

MEG MALLON: They actually moved our tee time up. We were 12:55 and they told us 12:30. I don't know what happened there.

Back to tomorrow, we're going to have a great dinner tonight.

BETH DANIEL: I'm hungry.

MEG MALLON: We're going to talk to everybody about what to expect tomorrow and hopefully get some really good sleep.

Q. Rosie, I'm sorry, can you just talk about that putt, what you saw and the feeling you had when that thing went in?

ROSIE JONES: Unbelievable. I was really, really lucky that both Meg well, Suzann's didn't help me because she didn't putt yet. Meg's was right there, and I got a look at the speed and the break, and I had been helping her with her like her putts with reading the putts, so, I had a pretty good idea, and then I could see what she did and see where we didn't quite get it, and so I changed my read for my putt just a little bit, and I knew I just had to have the right speed up over that hill.

When I got to the top of the hill, I was right on where I wanted it to be, and I knew I was going to lean a little more left and back to the right and it went in.

CHRISTINA KIM: Here it is.

MEG MALLON: Here it is.

Q. Juli, can you talk about the pressure that was on Paula coming in. She's a rookie, she's 19 years old, she pretty much knew she was going to play five times, and she was in two wins today.

JULIE INKSTER: About time.


JULIE INKSTER: You know what, she's I have played with her twice, and if I was going to pick someone to play five times, it would be Paula. She's first of all, she's qualified in a year. She's playing great. She's got a lot of confidence in herself and her partner, and she's 19, she should play five.

You know, it's great to watch, I'll tell you.

Q. And then, Paula, go ahead and talk about how much more satisfying today was, obviously, than yesterday.

PAULA CREAMER: Two points today for myself and the team. It's not just about me, it's about the whole team, and I think that, you know, when I look up at the board, I look at everybody else, and I'm hoping that that team is doing good.

Always at the beginning, Michelle Redman was watching my match in the afternoon, and on the fourth hole she's like, "You can ripe early and rotten early," and I kept that in my mind the whole day. I told Cristie that and we fought through and played good golf. I'm having a good time.

Look at the team that we have. We all get along so well, we're all competitive and we want to win. What's better than being on a team like that?

Q. Beth, I'm sure there was no panic in your team room last night, but how different will the mood be tonight? How different is it now?

BETH DANIEL: Well, I think we're just excited to be tied going into the singles. I think that the last three Solheim Cups, we have been so far down going into the singles that, you know, we've really had our work cut out for us on Sunday, and now everything is even. We still have our work cut out for us, but usually this is kind of what happens.

Usually you play the first two days, and it's like an exhibition match, and you get down to singles. So, I mean, we have to go out and do our jobs tomorrow, and you know, win the majority of the singles matches but, boy, that's sure a lot better than having to win 8 out of 12.

Q. Beth, and a couple of you talked about, knowing Nancy as a competitor, but now learning her and knowing her as a Captain, I'm curious what's it been like with her.

How has she been as a motivator and a Captain for you guys this week so far?

BETH DANIEL: Nancy has been great. I certainly have seen a different side of her than I ever saw, and, you know, I think Nancy and I have come out of this being friends, but it's been great. I mean, she's out there, she's cheering so hard for us, and working so hard for us, and, you know, I think there is when you get a Captain like that, there is extra motivation to try to win the Cup for that Captain.

Q. Juli and Beth, were your hearts in your throat when Tinning was over her putt? Did you think she was going to make it? And how long was that putt?

BETH DANIEL: It was probably about 8 feet.

JULIE INKSTER: It felt like we shouldn't have been there in the first place.

BETH DANIEL: Yeah, in match play you always expect your opponent to make their shot, and I certainly thought she would make that. Trish Johnson made a great putt on the 17th hole, the hole before, and to square the match up.

So, yes, I thought she was going to make it, and she didn't. That's golf, but yeah, I mean, Juli and I didn't feel like we should have been there in the first place. We felt like we should have been we should have been able to close that match out, but we didn't do it.

JULIE INKSTER: It was Beth's fault.

BETH DANIEL: It was my fault. It's always my fault. At least I admit it.

Q. Christina, you're low key now, but most of the day you're out there. How often do you have these moments and do you need coffee in the morning, or do you get out of bed like this?

CHRISTINA KIM: When I'm down?

Q. Yes, how often are you low key?

BETH DANIEL: I've never seen it.

CHRISTINA KIM: 9 or 10 hours out of the day, because 8 are spent sleeping. So it's one hour when I wake up and one hour before I go to bed. I'll be asleep by the time I get on the bus, don't worry.

MEG MALLON: Don't wind her up.

Q. Any additional questions. Thank you.


End of FastScripts.

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