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June 8, 2008

Trevor Immelman


STEWART MOORE: Thanks for coming in. Obviously I know a difficult finish out there, the playoff loss. You birdied the last three holes to get into the playoff. Harrowing play down the stretch. Let's talk about the playoff and your feelings coming out of it?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Well, obviously just a thrill for me to give myself a chance playing the last three was, you know, it was exciting for me and, you know, we all parred 18 there. Obviously Robert and I left ourselves a bit of work, but we both managed to make those and went to 11, which is a great playoff hole, really, and all three of us hit good shots.
You know, I just knew one of the two of them were going to make it. I thought I would have to make my putt to tie. Justin went ahead and made it. That didn't affect me at all. You know, I was comfortable with my line. I felt it was just left edge, and, you know, I thought I hit a pretty good putt. Just didn't turn at all and finished right behind the hole, unfortunately, but, you know, obviously Justin made a great putt there. So, you know, birdie to win was pretty nice.

Q. Obviously, Trevor, you played to win, but are you kind of looking at this week in a bigger picture sense of the fact that you played great golf this week, you know, after a little bit of a downturn after winning at Augusta?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: It's interesting you say that. With golf you always got to try to look at the bigger picture, because it's such a crazy game that I think you can get so stuck into what's happening right now that you can kind of, you know, miss the forest for the trees.
You know, after Augusta that was obviously the pinnacle of my career, winning a Major Championship. After that you kind of have to go back and, you know, start gelling your thoughts gathered again and trying to get ready for the next drive, if you will, because everything is coming in peaks and valleys. It's impossible for you to sustain that type of level. That was something that was interesting for me to try and figure out.
So I took some time out and came back and played okay last week and stepped it up a bit this week, which was nice. It was so nice to get back last couple days having that feeling again, the feeling that I've got a chance to win.
And so that was exciting, and obviously my game is coming together somewhat for next week. You know, I'm going to have to go back and just make sure that I get a lot of rest and be fresh come Thursday because the U.S. Open, it's just a test from start to finish.

Q. Would you go through the closing birdies?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: 16, I hit actually a pretty average drive into the right rough but I had quite a nice lie, and I just killed a hybrid from about, I don't know, about a 250 or so, 260. Landed on the middle of green, because it was coming out of the rough, took a massive bounce right next to the TV tower, which wasn't a bad place to be. I knew it was better than short. Hit a nice chip out of a bad lie to about 5 feet and made that one.
You know, I didn't know how I stood at that point. My caddy told me I needed two birdies to tie. So, you know, I was just going to try and give it my best shot. I hit a great 3-wood off 17 and a 6-iron to about 12 feet and made that one.
So that was quite nice. That's one of the tougher holes on the course. So at least I gave myself somewhat of a chance.
Then hit my drive on 18 down the right, which, you, know is understandable --

Q. You hit a 3-wood?
TREVOR IMMELMAN: Yes. And I had quite a nice lie in the rough there, and then hit a little 8-iron to, you know, I'm guessing it was probably 25 feet and the putt was probably about a cup outside the right. I was quite happy when I got up there because I saw it was just going to be a little bit downhill. So I knew the speed -- I wasn't going to have trouble getting it to the hole. I just had to try and start it off on the right line. Luckily, I did.
It was nice to at least get the crowd going and get myself in with a chance.
STEWART MOORE: Okay. Trevor, thanks so much.

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