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June 6, 2008

Dean Wilson


JOAN vt ALEXANDER: All right. We'd like to thank Dean Wilson for joining us for a few minutes here in the media center at the Stanford St. Jude Championship.
Again, another tough day out there. 3-under par for the week. 68 today, you know, be pretty proud of yourself with those conditions.
DEAN WILSON: Yeah, stuff out there, lot of wind as probably everybody has been saying. So it's a lot more difficult than what we're used to.
JOAN vt ALEXANDER: Questions, please?

Q. Dean, you tied for fifth here last year. What's the key to playing well here?
DEAN WILSON: I don't know. Sometimes I just have courses that I like, and this is one of them. It's not overly long, it's not overly difficult. Sometimes I find myself getting in a bad frame of mind when the courses are overly difficult like last week with the furrows and the rough being a foot long. I've always liked this course. I hope I keep carrying on my good play.

Q. Good test or the challenge being, you know, dealing with the wind and trying to deal with the ups and downs from one hole to the next.
DEAN WILSON: Yeah. On the back-9, there's a lot of tough shots out there. Shot strays and you're really penalized. You really got to take into consideration which way the wind is blowing and how you're going to attack the ball and be aggressive when you can and be conservative when you need to.
You got to think out there for sure.

Q. Dean, how difficult was your back-9? I know your final --
DEAN WILSON: I played the back-9 first.

Q. Right.
DEAN WILSON: So my first 9 today. Yeah, it's pretty tough. You start off at the 10th hole, you've got to drive it right down the middle of the fairway there. The trees block you out on both sides, and they got that pin all the way back. That part of the green is only eight, nine paces wide. So it's pretty tough, and as soon as you're done with that, you turn around and got the island green there with the wind blowing right in your face. That always tests your mind and your skills, and the next hole you have to hit a good drive, also.
So, a few holes out there. 17, 18, I think are very tough holes, and it's nice to get there with pars.

Q. What was your sense today of where you stood as the day was going on because, you know, in the afternoon especially, no one has really made a move and making birdies. How aware were you of that in?
DEAN WILSON: I wasn't really aware. I was just kind of -- with the wind, I'm really focused on what I'm doing and the shots, and there's not too many leaderboards out there. But it seemed like every time I took a peek at the leaderboard, they weren't showing where the leaders were, showing guys maybe 15 through 20th.
I didn't really know where I stood until the last hole there.

Q. If this holds up, you like about where you're at heading into the weekend?
DEAN WILSON: Yeah, sure. I haven't got into a weekend yet this year where I've been in this good of shape. I'm excited, and I'm obviously comfortable with this score. So I want to hit as many shots as I can. That's for sure.

Q. Dean, I was going to ask you, is this a normal schedule for you? Because I know this is like eight weeks in a row, your 18th event of the year.
DEAN WILSON: I like to play, and when I go home, I play a lot of golf, too. When I started this stretch, I was struggling earlier in the year. So I was outside the top 125, but I had a good finish at Wachcovia, followed up with a good finish at the Players Championship. So I bumped myself up into a little more comfortable zone.
But, you know, I just kind of keep playing. I have a caddy that likes to play, too, and I really think he wants to skip Hartford for the Open. So I'll do that, take a week off, get ready to go again. I always wanted to play The Tour. When there's tournaments I want to play them. I got a bunch of friends at home that give me a reality check. Yeah, if I was playing I wouldn't want to play that $6 million event, I'll stay home.
JOAN vt ALEXANDER: Can you quickly go through your birdies and bogies. You started 10. You made birdie on 11.
DEAN WILSON: Yeah. On 11 I hit it right in the center of the green and Steven ames was kind of on the same line, and I watched his putt carefully, and I got a good read and made about 20-footer there or something.
JOAN vt ALEXANDER: Birdie 15.
DEAN WILSON: Birdie on 15. I hit a nice wedge in there to about 8 feet, made a putt there.
The next hole, par 5, I got it near the green in 2 and just got it up and down for an easy birdie.
JOAN vt ALEXANDER: Bogey on 1.
DEAN WILSON: 1, I was just above the hole. Thought that putt would be a little faster than what it was. The grain looked real fast. I 3-putted from about 30 feet.
No. 6, I hit a wedge to about 4 feet and made that.
7 and 8, I 3-putted both of those from about maybe 45, 50 feet.
Made a good 1 footer on the last one, 9 to finish up.
JOAN vt ALEXANDER: Anything else?

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