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June 6, 2008

Jason Dufner


Q. How is the day coming?
JASON DUFNER: Scored pretty well. Shot 2-under. Pretty tough conditions out there again today. Thought maybe you get a break in the morning, but that really wasn't the case.
The golf course is playing tough, so there's a premium on hitting good shots, solid shots so that they can stay out of the wind, control the ball. And then if that doesn't happen, kind of score with your pitching and wedge playing and putting. I've been able to do the ball striking okay, but the pitching and chipping and scoring around the greens has been good this week.

Q. What's one word to describe these conditions?
JASON DUFNER: Windy. It's just tough. The constant wind is okay, you can get used to that through the day or through the week, but when you're catching gusts, sometimes it's 30 miles an hour and the ball might be mid flight, there's not much you can do with that. There's a ton of water on some of the holes. You know, you just catch a gust, and it's almost like you feel helpless sometimes.

Q. How nice to make the cut here. You played two other times?
JASON DUFNER: Yeah. I haven't had much success over here. I like the golf course. I think it's really tough. There are some holes that really don't set with my eye, and I've been trying to play those a little bit smarter this year. Been working out pretty good. Anytime you make a cut, let alone be in the Top-5 after two days, you feel pretty good about yourself then. Looking forward to the weekend.

Q. Where do you stand in rankings?
JASON DUFNER: I'm 126 to 160 category. I'm kind of limited, especially before the U.S. Open. I knew that going into the year. I've been at home practicing a lot and just trying to get ready and be prepared to play this week and for the summer. I know I'll probably get seven, eight, nine starts before the playoff starts. Trying to get ready for those events and be ready to play when you get in.

Q. How big of an opportunity is this?
JASON DUFNER: I'm going to get plenty of starts. I'll probably get somewhere between 17 and 20 events. It's not so much each one is that important but, you know, when you're in a position like I am, you can see, you know, a good week this week could vault me up, and I'm just trying to look to get into the playoff events, maybe one or two of those with the status I'm at and have the fall finish events.
It's a huge opportunity. Every week is a huge opportunity for anybody out here. I feel like I've got enough starts if I'm playing well, you know, I can accomplish what I'm trying to do.

Q. How is the game? Is the game in pretty good shape?
JASON DUFNER: It's not bad. I haven't been playing all that much. That is my eighth or ninth event this year. I've probably got a little rust as far as competitive and playing competitive rounds, but I feel pretty good with everything that I'm doing.

Q. Where is home?
JASON DUFNER: Auburn, Alabama.

Q. Are you practicing there?

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