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June 6, 2008

Rajon Rondo


Q. What do you take out of this, especially of Conference Finals when Detroit won that second game, if the Lakers were to do that, it's different knowing that the next three you're there?
RAJON RONDO: Definitely. We don't want to go back. Like I said, we don't want to go to LA and having to play them three games at home. We definitely don't want to go back to LA 1-1.

Q. Is there a certain luxury to playing with the Big Three? You know the focus is on them.
RAJON RONDO: Yeah, I'd have to say the pressure is not on me. Those are our big three All-Stars, and I'm just out there playing defense basically. If I score, it's a bonus, and if I do anything it's a bonus. I go out there and play defense and try to bring energy to the game, and I'll be pretty good.

Q. How many different ways have you heard your name pronounced by media?
RAJON RONDO: All different type of ways. It doesn't really bother me. They've been mispronouncing my name my entire career, so it's not a big deal.

Q. Is the anonymity a good thing, a big thing? Are you looking forward to the idea that you're sort of making a bigger name for yourself?
RAJON RONDO: Not really. People are still probably going to mispronounce my name. It's kind of difficult to say, but like I say, it doesn't matter.

Q. You guys didn't necessarily play your best game. You lead the series 1-0. More confident going into Game 2?
RAJON RONDO: Yeah, we're more confident. Like you said, we didn't play our best basketball. We shot only 41 percent. We got to the free-throw line, that was the good thing. We stayed aggressive and got to the line. KG continued to do a good job. Like you said, you never can control when the ball is going to go in the hole, but what we did control is our defense on the court in the second half.

Q. Do you believe in momentum?
RAJON RONDO: Yeah, I believe in momentum, definitely. For example, when Paul came back in the game and hit two two threes I think the momentum swung. I think Coach Jackson did a great job calling a time-out trying to get the crowd out of it each time we made runs, but we still had the momentum in that situation.

Q. You got to the foul line more than any other Celtic, which is unusual. What did you do to get to the foul line?
RAJON RONDO: I just stay aggressive. They ran and jumped a lot, and I just kept moving with the ball. I tried to attack the rim. I mean, we got a bonus in the third quarter at seven minutes, so that was my goal when Paul went down was to attack and try to stay aggressive.

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