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June 6, 2008

Bob Estes


Q. You like this course. Shot 61 here, then got it to 6-under. I know you're disappointed how it ended. Talk about your 65.
BOB ESTES: Yeah. It was just a real solid steady round starting out. Made a bunch of pars, hit a bunch of good shots. Got it up and down from the front of the green in 16 for birdie. Had to make a couple good saves on 17 and 18. Things got a little more exciting on the back-9. I'm hitting shots close and made a few putts. Made the eagle on 6 when I holed out the wedge. Little disappointed, of course, bogeying last hole, but I hit a great 5-wood off the tee and hit a wedge exactly like I wanted to just right of the flag, try to hold it up against the wind. I was surprised to see I came up short. I didn't get it up and down. Overall, I played well.

Q. Nice to get a chance to play in the morning today, the wind not as bad early on.
BOB ESTES: It was really howling. I had some shots out there. It was hard to even step up to the shot and hit it, it was blowing so hard. I'm thinking in particular about the second shot at No. 5. We're playing dead into the south wind and just ripped a 4-iron -- I was trying to carry the ball maybe 185 yards. I normally hit a 4-iron 205. Ripped a 4-iron as hard as I could. It rolled about pin high. It was -- it was blowing most of the round. We had a lot of wind to deal with.

Q. How do you handle that?
BOB ESTES: We've been doing it all our lives. Take more club and try to keep it out of the wind.

Q. What's the difference between today and yesterday?
BOB ESTES: Well, today I did the did it hit one out of bounds or in the water and made a couple putts. That was the main difference.

Q. You realized wind is bad or as worse as yesterday, you were able to pocket a 65. How exciting is that going into the weekend?
BOB ESTES: Yeah, I'm excited with the round. I haven't played with very well for the last couple months. At times I have in stretches, but I've missed the last four cuts, and so I wasn't going to get into anything until I got it to the house and signed my scorecard.
Yeah. I just needed to keep working on the things I've been working on. It's been real tough the last couple of months. Like today I just stayed calm and tried not to worry about too much, and things worked out.

Q. Having won here, knowing what it takes to win here, even the even the course is a little bit different. Does that give you some excitement knowing that you know what's it's like to win in Memphis before?
BOB ESTES: Yeah. It's a totally different ballgame. I used to play here when it was calm and the greens like dartboards. Now it's like a U.S. Open. It's not even the same game. Totally different from what it was and still -- same type shots off the tee, but into the green it's totally different.

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