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June 5, 2008

Lorie Kane


DANA GRASSRHODE: Thank you for coming in. Let's start with your scorecard.
LORIE KANE: 13 is playing like a short par 5 today. I hit driver, 3-iron to the front of the green and chipped in.
15, the par 5, I had my gap wedge 90 yards and another 10-footer.
1, I hit 9-iron and had about 125 to the hole and probably had five feet.
Then had about 140, hit 7-iron to 15 feet.
9, 5-iron to I think that was probably a 10-footer.
DANA GRASSRHODE: Sounds like you were really attacking the pins and able to stick it close.
LORIE KANE: With it being as soft as it is, and you know, obviously us having the ball in our hand, it made for a little bit easier -- you still had some funky shots coming into these greens, and our field staff, I have to commend them for moving some of the tees up, because the ball is moving about an inch, if it's even that.
It was a good ball-striking day for me. I saw a lot of good shapes and was very confident with what I saw on the greens. I knew they would be a little slower because they are so wet and I think you can be a little more aggressive when that's the case.

Q. You seem a little surprised by your score. We've talked about this is not your favorite golf course, so I mean, what happened today that produced the results it did?
LORIE KANE: Well, I think you know, I think you just decide that you're here, you're going to play what you're faced.
It's not that I dislike the golf course. I guess it's that I liked DuPont so much, and I'm a traditionalist when it comes to the setup of golf courses. And this is a beautiful property, don't get me wrong. It definitely is a beautiful property.
I guess today, I just went out and played. Am I surprised by a low round? I knew it was in me and I know I have a lot more of those and I know it's a long way to Sunday, but I am encouraged by what's been happening the last few weeks. I missed several cuts in a row by a shot, and that's just not the way I've been known to play out here.
You know, one foot in front of the other has gotten me some confidence. I'm happy with the way I'm swinging it, and I'm seeing the ball in the hole.

Q. If you knew it was in you, what took it so long to come out?
LORIE KANE: That's a good question. I think you tend to -- I think I was just trying too hard. I was trying to be more than -- I was making it a big deal. At the beginning of the season, I was swinging it well and I was uncomfortable with my putting.
Then I was feeling great with my putting, and I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn door with any shot I wanted to hit. And then I just decided, this is ridiculous. I have been out here way too long to be beating myself up, and I stopped playing the game. And it is a game we are playing. I was working golf. As Judy Rankin said, "You have to stop working."
I've been playing the last month or so, it's been just hitting shots, seeing shapes, and if it's in the gunch, then you find a way to get it out. That's when your short game will save you. And I have worked very hard on my short game, and it paid off today.

Q. You were talking a little hockey before, and I was wondering, can you look at like how Pittsburgh played in Game 3 when they were totally loose and apply that to your own situation and sort of learn by watching other sportsmen?
LORIE KANE: I like that question, because I am a hockey fan.
Yeah, I look at other sports and how things are done. You know, you're playing -- Pittsburgh is a young team -- and (Detroit) is a veteran team -- that's the word I was looking for, veteran, and Detroit is a veteran team.
I think Pittsburgh in the beginning of the series was tight. They had never been there. If I can put that into my golf game, I think I started this season like I was a rookie. You know, I was quite nervous about trying to make cuts. And I'm not here to make cuts. I'm here to win tournaments, and I think once I decided that that was going to be the way it was, then I got out of my own way.
And I can't say enough for my caddie, Danny Sharp, who also teaches me. He's the first one to put his foot up my butt if I need it, and he's also very encouraging to tell me how good things are, when you tend to want to see how bad things can be.
You know, I watched that hockey game last night and watched the game the night before, and --

Q. All three overtimes?
LORIE KANE: Oh, yes, right to the end. There was no -- I'll tell you, there's one thing about hockey players that I take to my golf game, and that's there's no give-up-and-I don't-care.
If you're cut, losing teeth, broken nose, they will come out and play and give you lots of heart. There's no give-up in me.

Q. But you've got all your teeth.
LORIE KANE: Yes, I do have all of my teeth and my nose is not broken. (Laughter).

Q. When did you come to this realization? Was there a tournament? Was there a round? Was there a moment away from the golf course?
LORIE KANE: I think I was really comfortable at Kingsmill and I love that place. And CN has good folks, and obviously I represent them, one of the ambassadors. I wouldn't say that was the beginning, but my eyes were open to say, you know what, I'm playing some good golf.
And unbeknownst to me, Bob Rotella followed me for nine holes, because he works with Julieta, and he looked at me and said, "Boy, when the ball starts to go into the hole for you, you're going to make a ton." He said, "You're on the high side of the hole."
I didn't see him on the golf course, which I think was good, because he said, "You looked great, going from confident and hitting shots and playing the game."
It's been the last month or so, I got to go home after Kingsmill to Prince Edward Island to see my family, and that's a wonderful place to go get grounded. Because, they all love me regardless of how I play, and sometimes when you're out here, it becomes all about trying to make cuts, try to win tournaments, get into other tournaments, qualify to do this. At the end of the day, it's just got to be one day at a time, and I'd say Kingsmill was where I really saw the light.
I did miss the cut by a shot, and I was very disappointed but I was also very encouraged.

Q. Did he charge you for those nine holes?
LORIE KANE: No. I don't think so, no.

Q. Are you in the Open or do you have to qualify?
LORIE KANE: No. I'm going to be (qualifying) on Monday, and two beautiful golf courses. I played Woodmont last year and we went to the Manor Club when we arrived just to look around and they both suit my eye very well.

Q. Just from what you said a minute ago, about trying to make cuts and get into next tournaments, is it weird coming here trying to think about this major and also having the Open Qualifier right behind it?
LORIE KANE: Well, that's a good question, because we arrived -- we flew into Reagan and I knew we were close, so we went over and had a look. Danny said to me: "You know, you could take your Pro-Am exemption. You're not going to be in, but you're going to be alternating and we could go over and playing the golf courses."
I said: "Look, I'm here to win the McDonald's Championship, and I'm preparing for that. I'm going to worry about Monday when Monday comes."

Q. Just curious on 18 what, did you do there?
LORIE KANE: I hit the cart path on the right side of the tee, and hit 7-iron in. I should have birdied that hole. I got very lucky that I hit it where I hit it, and could see the ball in the rough. I only had probably 140 right to the pin, but I had to hit a little punch shot, so I hit 7-iron down there, and it rolled in.
My 18th hole to me was the ninth hole today and I birdied that. But I did leave a few out there.

Q. They must have had the tees up on 18.
LORIE KANE: They did have the tees up on 18, and that's the only way that -- you know, I know the attempt or the effort was to try to have a longer shot coming in there, but the fairway is water. It's tough. It's very, very wet.

Q. Talking about the 18th hole of Bulle Rock, does it need to be a longer club in for that hole when it seems like even with a 7- or 8-iron, it's still a nervy little shot.
LORIE KANE: Sure, it is. My personal opinion is that the tee is fine where it is. I think if you want to make golf exciting, you build us a new tee back up in the woods and you make it a par 5. And then if somebody needs to make three to win this tournament, then they are going to make three. They are going to try to make a three.
But there's no tee back there far enough to make it a par 5. On the tee that they tried to move back to, to me visually it's a friendlier tee shot, but the way the course -- if it was firmer, if this course was firm and fast, that would be a perfect tee to use.

Q. But it's not.
LORIE KANE: It's not. It's very wet.

Q. It's how far was your chip-in?
LORIE KANE: My chip-in on No. 13, I think I had 50 yards to the hole. That hole's playing tough today.
DANA GRASSRHODE: Thank you all.

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