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October 25, 2001

Bob Gilder


DAVE SENKO: Congratulations, 5-under, 67.

BOB GILDER: Thank you.

DAVE SENKO: Before we go through your card give us some general thoughts on how you played today.

BOB GILDER: I hit the ball great today. I hit the ball in the fairway all but the 17th hole and well, I guess you can't count 18, but it was on the fringe, but the it was like fairway. I hit some great iron shots and I just hit the ball really well. I hit the ball at the hole all day long. Felt really good about it. I felt very much in control. I thought I putted rather mediocre. I missed quite a few birdie putts. I made one long putt, No. 3, and the rest of them I missed quite a few, I mean, I missed a few short ones that could have been for birdie. It's one of those days you feel like you hit it so good you had so many chances that you should have played a lot better. So I am not complaining being 5-under. I didn't make -- I only made probably one mistake and other than that I played a real solid round. I was really happy with it.

DAVE SENKO: Go through your birdies real quick. You started with an eagle at 3.

BOB GILDER: Right. I hit a drive and a 4-iron to about probably 25 feet on No. 3, made that for a 3. No. 5. I have only played here twice so I don't remember what the holes look like. I got it. Hit a drive and a 7-iron about -- had to be about two and a half feet, two feet, made that. No. 11 hit a good drive, hit sand wedge about eight feet. Made that for birdie. Then 18 I hit a good drive down -- I went down the left side, I was just on the fringe cut. I hit a 4-iron lay-up and pitching wedge to about ten feet, 11 feet, made that for birdie.

DAVE SENKO: You mentioned you had missed some short putts.

BOB GILDER: Stiff on -- well, knocked it about, I think about 4 and a half feet on 15, tucked a little shot today because the wind was blowing into you and the crowd is toward the water and it was only 177 yards long and I just -- I hit a good 4-iron and hit -- it just rolled over the hole about 4 and a half feet away. One of those little solid hill things and it wasn't that tough, just a little bumpy at the time and just didn't hit it hard enough and missed it low on the low side. I missed two birdie putts on the first two holes. Knocked it in there stiff probably four feet on No. 1 and missed that. Then I knocked it in there maybe six feet on No. 2, missed that. 3 made up for that. (Laughs). Other than that, I was putting for birdie on just about every hole and I hit it close on a couple of other holes. I can't remember which ones they were, and missed them. I just -- I think No. 12, is that the long par 4-up the hill?

Q. Yes.

BOB GILDER: I hit it about -- probably hit it eight feet there and left it short. I don't know, I just -- I just don't quite feel real comfortable with my putting this week. It -- just my stroke doesn't feel all that good, but I am probably doing something different every time. I am working on it. I seem to hit a few better putts coming in. Hit a real good putt on the last hole, so, I think I was just moving on it at first and I just realized that I wasn't keeping my head still and started to try and keep my head still and got it on line a little bit better later on.

Q. How were the conditions?

BOB GILDER: Actually it seemed like it was picking up just a little bit there at the end. Yesterday it blew a little harder early and then it died down at the end of the day and we -- today it seemed like coming in it got a little -- it was blowing a little bit more. So it played a little harder coming into today than it did yesterday in the pro am. But it was -- the par 3s made you think. The rest of them, you know, I have only seen one kind of wind here so I don't really quite know what to expect if it goes the other way.

Q. Played Tuesday?

BOB GILDER: I did. But there didn't seem like there was any at all on Tuesday. I mean ---

Q. There was a --

BOB GILDER: That's not wind. That's a breeze. I was here the Monday before when it was really howling and tree limbs -- I thought tree limbs were coming down. It was a little cooler, but it was blowing then. It hadn't blown like that here yet, not this week. Hope it doesn't.

Q. (Inaudible)

BOB GILDER: I came from Sacramento (inaudible) then went down to San Antonio. We drove out here and drove around. We were going to play but it was way too windy. We don't play in that stuff. That might hurt you. Couldn't stand up.

Q. (Inaudible)

BOB GILDER: You kind of go in little periods where you score well and right now I am scoring well. Things are happening. I would say it's an extension of my last two or three tournaments. I have hit the ball well and when I have had to, I just haven't made very many mistakes other than the last hole last week, I made a mistake on line and it probably cost me a chance to tie. I hit the ball the way I wanted to, so that was just a mental mistake. But all and all I have hit the ball pretty good the last few weeks and scored very well and I hope it keeps up. It seems like it has. I didn't make any bogeys today and really only came close on 17 where I drove it in the right rough and it came out left and ran across the green (inaudible) I made about an 8-footer to save par. That was my only blip, on 17, short hole. I thought I could muscle one over the bunker and knock it on the green.

Q. You talked about your putting struggle a little bit. Anything due to the fact that the golf course is so new and the greens are not, you know --

BOB GILDER: Well we're playing different grasses every week and last week was a (inaudible) Bermuda which is a very grainy green. The week before that was Napa which was -- it was almost like it was poa annua greens. Your typical greens. So we're going on something different. Before that I was in Hawaii where it was Bermuda green and wiry and so we're getting something different every week and you have to adapt. Sometimes you can feel real good and other times, you know, you just can't get the speed and the line correct and you are just -- off just a little bit; nothing is going in. So sometimes it takes you more than two, three days to get used to a set of greens; especially if you are having a little bit of trouble reading them. And these greens read differently than last week and last week's read differently than the week before. It is difficult adjusting to these greens every week. They seem to be - without taking away from the condition of the course - you can still see lines here a little bit and there are just a tiny bit bumpy. But they still roll okay. The ball still rolls okay. I think it probably rolls a little bit better than it looks.

DAVE SENKO: More questions? Thanks, Bob.

BOB GILDER: You bet.

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