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October 26, 2001

Bob Gilder


DAVE SENKO: Followed your 67 with a 68 today. You stand at 9-under. Maybe talk a little bit about your round today.

BOB GILDER: Again we got off to a fast start. Birdied the 2nd hole and eagled the third hole and kind of off an running. Then ran into a hole where I missed the fairway, I didn't think I had that bad of lie. I just had a 9-iron, 131 to the front just trying to hit it on the front left of the green and avoid that, you know, trying to hit it over on the right where the pin was over that bunker. Boy, it just shot to the right of that thing and into the bunker. Then I thought I hit, you know, I haven't hit too many bunker shots this week. I thought I hit pretty good bunker shot. It just exploded out of there. Seemed like they had watered down these bunkers a little bit and they were real soggy. Thing flew over the green into another nice lie. I chipped it out of there. Got it on the fringe and it rolled back in the semi rough, hit a real good up-and-down, real good chip there to make double. But I just kind of told myself, I said hey, there's a long way to go yet, and just get one back at a time and not try to do it all at once, and we just kind of ground it out. I knew I was hitting the ball well, kind of started off a little shaky with the driver; caught it a little bit right with getting over just a little bit. I corrected that and drove it well the rest of the day. But all and all, I didn't -- yesterday I hit the ball about as good as you can hit it from tee-to-green and that's hard to follow sometimes. You think you got to be knocking the flag down after you do it one day. You think you have got to do it the next day, but you rarely can do that. And I just tried to rationalize to myself that I am going to hit some at the hole and I am going to hit some away from the hole a few times. But just take it one shot at a time and actually I hit the ball pretty good most of the day. And gave myself some chances and made some putts. Putted a little bit better today than I did yesterday. I guess that's why I shot 68, but I misread a couple too. Missed one there at the end. I thought it was going to be pretty straight, maybe go a hair right and it went left. You can get yourself in some pretty hairy little spots around these greens. They start tucking these pins back over humps and on the side hills a little bit, so I am -- I found myself and I am sure Tom found himself in a couple of those spots today too. The way -- I guess the way I hit it today I am very happy with a 68.

DAVE SENKO: Remember your birdie on two what you hit?

BOB GILDER: I hit a pitch -- sand wedge, 3-wood, sand wedge probably about five or six feet.


BOB GILDER: I made it from, oh, man, I must have been 35 feet. I was just off -- actually on the fringe just off the green maybe about two feet.

DAVE SENKO: Second shot.

BOB GILDER: Hit driver and 5-wood. 215 to the front edge.

DAVE SENKO: 5 you hit it in the bunker.

BOB GILDER: Right rough and the bunker with a 9 iron over the green with a sand wedge and in the short rough with another sand wedge chipping and then chipped it another sand wedge about six inches. Easy double.


BOB GILDER: Hit driver off the tee, hit -- what did I hit in there? I hit pitching wedge, probably to about 13 or 14 feet left of the hole, made it. 17 I hit driver and sand wedge to about 10 feet behind the hole. 11, drive, sand wedge to about three and a half feet.

DAVE SENKO: Questions.

Q. Considering the ideal weather conditions did you feel like you left anything out there?

BOB GILDER: Obviously I left a double-bogey out there. That could have been a different score, but we both -- I think we -- I missed a couple of putts I thought that I could have made a few putts, but I knew the scores were going to be low without any wind. If the wind comes up it going to play a little havoc but the scores were going to be low. I knew if I could just shoot 4-, 5-under today I'd hold onto a good position. Really nothing you can do about the other guy. You have got to go out and do it yourself in your own game. You can't go out there worrying about other people shooting low scores because it takes your mind off your own game. You just got to go about your business on a day like today and realize that you are going to have to make some birdies and a few putts.

Q. Has this year been what you expected it to be in terms of how you played and what this Tour was going to be like?

BOB GILDER: I didn't know what to expect when I got out here until I got here. It's probably been a little bit more than I expected, a lot nicer than I expected. Certainly seems a lot friendlier. Everybody seems to, you know, you are back with the buddies that you started out with on Tour, and some of guys you haven't seen for quite a while because some of them quit playing and then came back out and started playing again. As far as performance is concerned, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew I could play. I knew, especially after I won, that I could win again. But winning is -- you can't force winning to happen. It's like just like last week here I played a solid round shot 66 the last round, I am ahead by, what am I one behind or something, shoot 66 and lose by two. Like I said, on a pretty darn good little golf course and you can't do something -- you can't do anything about the other guy. They are going to play their game and you have got to go out and play the best you can play. So, I didn't know how many I could win this year. I won early and actually I thought I could win a little bit sooner than I have for the second time and I really haven't won again. So I don't know when I am going to win again. But it just happens. You play your best and hope nobody else playing better than you. That is usually what happens when you win. When you try to force some things then you make mistakes. And you don't do as well, you put too much pressure on yourself. But I think this is fabulous out here. It's great when the people are involved and get out there and follow you around and it just seems like they are a little bit more up close and personal than the other Tour. And maybe a little bit more involved with you. I like that. I think that's great for us and I think it's great for them too, for the spectators. That's a lot what I like about this Tour.

Q. How has the crowd been for you here at this tournament?

BOB GILDER: They have been great. Crowd has been great. I am not a Texan or an Oklahoman. They seem to favor those guys. Tom on the 1st tee said (inaudible) not usually clapping for Texans (inaudible) I said Tom, I would come back with something but he was in a pre-shot routine. Spectators have been great. They appreciate good shots out here and that's what we're doing. We're hitting some real good shots and shooting some pretty good scores and they appreciate it. That's all we can ask as players. This is a good golf crowd. These are good golf people here. They always have been. They don't get enough of it here.

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