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June 4, 2008

Kendrick Perkins


Q. How are you?
KENDRICK PERKINS: All right, man. Just trying to embrace the moment. Still trying to stay focused. Just trying to enjoy it but stay focused at the same time.

Q. I know everybody is making this whole big deal with the Celtics-Lakers thing. We're about the same age. Do you remember anything about the series? Be honest.
KENDRICK PERKINS: I don't remember nothing about the series. As a matter of fact, I probably didn't even watch the game. I mean, I'm just really proud to be part of history right now.

Q. One thing about it, if you were, I guess, a player to be compared to back on the old Celtics team, who would you be?
KENDRICK PERKINS: I don't know, man, it's kind of hard to say.

Q. Because you didn't watch them, right?
KENDRICK PERKINS: Right, I didn't watch them, and my job is a little different. I think we've got a little different team.

Q. What is your job?
KENDRICK PERKINS: Defense, rebound, score around the basket when I get a chance. That's it.

Q. Looking forward to tomorrow? Like practicing every day, I know you're kind of getting tired of practicing. There was, what, four days in between the last game. Are you ready to go?
KENDRICK PERKINS: I'm ready. I'm glad we got those days off, man, and we didn't have to go seven games with Detroit, but it's cool. Like I said, just trying to stay focused, but there was a lot of games and it's been a long season, but that's what we're here for.

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