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October 27, 2001

Bob Gilder


DAVE SENKO: Bob, thanks for joining us, one back, 12-under. Maybe just want to share some of your thoughts.

BOB GILDER: I am real happy to be here, very happy to be one back. Today was a different golf course. Little more wind coming from a different direction and the golf course, these holes just played pretty much the opposite of what they have the last couple of days and it was you know, just a whole new look some of these holes. They played -- some of them played real tough. But I didn't feel as good today as I had the last couple of days about my game. I just didn't feel like I was really in control of the rest of my game as much as I have been in the past few weeks. Putting was okay. I don't know. I am going to work on it a little bit more right now. It's coming around. It's not that bad obviously. I just wanted to stay close and hope nobody else made any big moves and I wanted to stay close to Bruce to give him -- make him work a little bit tomorrow. Either one of us wins we're going to have to work at it, I think, real hard. I don't know what the weather is supposed to be like tomorrow, but I heard it was going to blow.

Q. 70 and 15 to 20 southwest winds.

BOB GILDER: What was today's direction same?

Q. Southeast.

BOB GILDER: We'll see a new look then. (Laughs).

Q. Good finish though?

BOB GILDER: Yeah, it was -- the finish made the day for me, definitely. I hit a real good shot and real good putt on 17. I figured as long as there's some holes left I could close the gap if he doesn't go nuts. Looks like he was going nuts on 16 knocking that 3-iron in there stiff. That was a heck of a 3. But he's real capable of doing that every hole. So I was fortunate to finish the way I did and close the gap a little bit and give us a little bit of a cushion for the both of us going into tomorrow to really go after each other.

Q. What did you hit on maybe just sequence on 17 and 18?

BOB GILDER: 17 I hit a drive and an 8-iron. I had 135 yards to the pin there and just hit a good 8-iron against the wind. It was dead into the wind and it got about, oh, probably twelve feet past the hole. It was just a good solid 12-foot putt. Then 18 I hit drive down left-hand side. I was in the rough. I had a lie; just wasn't sure what was going to happen. It might fly. It might not fly. It looked like a flier, but what are you going to do take a chance and hitting it over the trees in the creek on something that might do that. I couldn't -- I really couldn't take that chance and throw away some shots there, so we decided (laughs) we decided to lay-it-up with a 5-iron and if it bounced and went in the bunker that wouldn't be a bad bunker shot or if it landed and stayed short that was fine too. I didn't really care whether I was short or in it. And I was going right at the right end of the one bunker. If it went a little left it goes in the bunker. If it went a little bit right it would just be in front of the green there. The thing flew on me and it went right at the target, at the right end of that bunker and it flew and it hit short and it just bounced to the right onto the green and up by the -- past the hole. It really came out of there hot. We had 210 yards to the front of the green and 232 to the pin, so that 5-iron was humming. I hit it really solid. Once I walked up there I was thinking, 5-wood is too much if we carry it on the green it probably won't stop. Good thing we didn't hit 5-wood.

Q. How far did the putt --

BOB GILDER: I think I was about, what, twelve feet behind the hole, I think. A little right-to-left putt. It was a hard putt for me because the sun was right in my eyes and it gave this real glare to -- the whole green, the grass between my ball and the hole looking in that direction. I couldn't see very well at all and that was -- it was a tough putt for me, but just closed my eyes and hit it and it went in.

Q. How far was the 5-iron?

BOB GILDER: Probably went 238 yards as it ended up, total distance. Probably flew about 200.

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