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June 1, 2008

Benn Barham


Q. A good week?
BENN BARHAM: As I've been saying all week to my friends who have been calling me and texting me, you know, I kind of felt different this week, different approach, hitting the ball differently because I've been working hard with Matt and Andy Duncan, the psychologist guy, life coach, whatever you want to call him, has just given me a different perspective different point of view which sometimes is what you need.
I've missed five cuts in a row, and wasn't starting to panic because I know deep down I've got the game, but it's just trying to find it and I think I've found it this week.

Q. No panic on the final round at all. You had your opportunities and certainly needed to keep it going.
BENN BARHAM: Yeah, absolutely. I played lovely today, I really did and had lots of birdie chances and I did hole some putts and also hit some good putts that didn't go in.
You know, I had a slight hiccup on 14, perfect in the fairway.
Felt I should have made birdie on 15 just short of the green off the tee and went for it.
And then 16 is a tough hole. A bogey there isn't really a disaster.
And then it was nice to roll that putt in on 17 for birdie. That felt good. The flag at the last is a sucker flag and I didn't really go for it.

Q. When you reflect on the week there should be nothing but positives but must be odd to know you played so well and you see the two leaders running away with it on a very hard course?
BENN BARHAM: Absolutely. You would not predict the scoring to be that low, I don't think. Yeah, Scott's a great player and Robert is a great player, especially after last week as well, kind of had the tournament in his hands, that kind of thing and that shows his mental strength.
It got to a stage after about 12 or 13 holes, it was just get as low as I can and play for second, third or fourth maybe.

Q. But your mental strength is pretty good, isn't it?
BENN BARHAM: Yeah, it is good. It's getting better. Every day it's getting better.

Q. And goes onto Austria next week?
BENN BARHAM: U.S. Open Qualifying tomorrow and then off to Austria and then hopefully U.S. Open.

Q. You've got enough in the tank for the U.S. Open Qualifying?
BENN BARHAM: Yeah, absolutely, when you have weeks like this, it makes you want to play more.

Q. Goes without saying, you'd dearly love to be there?
BENN BARHAM: Absolutely. I think the majors, well they are the biggest tournaments in the world, and when you're a professional golfer, I think that's what you want to be playing.

Q. Can you believe that some people don't play the qualifiers?
BENN BARHAM: Possibly. I was questioning myself at the start of this week, purely because you know, Europe is my priority and kind of I need to get my head down in Europe, which this week has gone some way towards.

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