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June 1, 2008

Robert Karlsson


Q. Even by your standards those first 12 holes were exceptional, weren't they?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Yeah, they were pretty good. I played really, really well and knocked in a few putts, so it was fun.

Q. You said you don't look at leaderboards, but your score, 59 was on?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I never really played for that. It's more important when you're that many under to make sure you don't get ahead of yourself and just keep hitting next shot, next shot, next shot.
So that's the whole thing, if you get thinking about 59s and stuff, you usually end up 69.

Q. Did you look at a board all the way around?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I didn't on purpose but saw one out of the corner of my eye on hole 8. Thought I was off to a good start and I was like five behind, and I was like, what's happening here.

Q. How did that affect your mind-set that he was playing so well?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Go, go, go. I birdied 7 and I birdied 8, b9, 10,11, 12 after that, and I thought maybe I'll sneak up on him.

Q. You were four ahead of everybody else in the field. Can you believe someone is lapping you?
ROBERT KARLSSON: It happens sometimes. With Webster in Portugal, felt like I won the tournament but there was someone else playing a different tournament.

Q. Second, U.S. Open to come; fancy your chances?
ROBERT KARLSSON: First I'm going to rest a few days, that's for sure.

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