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June 1, 2008

Scott Strange


SCOTT CROCKETT: Thanks for coming in and many, many congratulations, what a wonderful performance. You ended yesterday not feeling very well but in the lead, and I can only bet that you're feeling quite a bit better tonight.
SCOTT STRANGE: A little bit better, yeah. Still a bit dodgey this morning. I didn't feel quite 100 per cent, but as the day progressed, I felt better and better.
SCOTT CROCKETT: You couldn't possibly have dreamed this; it was almost a perfect round of golf there, wasn't it.
SCOTT STRANGE: Yeah, I played great. I knew I had to play decent golf today to sort of have a chance. I knew a few guys would come after me but I could only control what I could have been.
SCOTT CROCKETT: And off to a perfect start. Take us through your birdies early on.
SCOTT STRANGE: 2, knocked it on the front edge and chipped up to a probably foot and a half and tapped that in.
Hit a great 5-iron into the third and made that putt.
Then hit an 8-iron to probably 15, 20 feet and rolled that one in.
6, was great, pretty satisfying right pin there, hit an 8-iron again to possible 20-foot and holed that.
8, hit 9-iron in there to probably about five, six-foot perfectly pin-high and rolled that one in as well.
11, same as 2, driver to the front edge and chipped and putted.
14 was great. I hit a good drive down the left. It's a tricky hole, and hit a 7-iron to probably 30 feet over the hill and rolled that one in. That was quite nice.
SCOTT CROCKETT: And gave us all a little bit exciting at the last.
SCOTT STRANGE: Yeah, a bit numb on that tee and made a swing at it when I probably should have taken a few deep breaths and played from there.

Q. You said you weren't going to look at leaderboards, and did you know that Robert Karlsson was on your shoulder?
SCOTT STRANGE: No. I walked off 16th tee box and said what sort of lead do we have, because I knew I was three in front, and I think at that stage I was 7-under for the day. So if someone was going to catch me, they had to at 10, said how far, and said you've got 5, and we sort of played in from there.

Q. You seemed quite emotional after finishing --
SCOTT STRANGE: It's a combination of everything, yeah, yeah. Really can't go into detail but it's a combination of everything.

Q. What will it mean back home?
SCOTT STRANGE: Mean the world. Put a smile on a very special person's face.

Q. Will you now base yourself in Europe?
SCOTT STRANGE: I don't know, at this stage still travelling around going from room to room from country to country.

Q. Long-term vision?
SCOTT STRANGE: Long-term vision. Keep playing golf, just keep improving myself and, you know, just like every golfer, keep improving yourself as a person and as a golfer. I'd like to start a family one day but that's off the golf course.

Q. After all of the pressure of the week, did you feel more pressure today?
SCOTT STRANGE: Not really, because I think in the back of people's mind, they are probably expecting me to stumble a little bit. I've got nothing to prove and everything to gain. So I was out there just playing golf. And that's really all you can do when you're leading a tournament is just go and play. If you start thinking about people chasing you, it's going to affect your performance.

Q. You said you were a bit numb on the last tee; what do you mean?
SCOTT STRANGE: You know, you have a vacant brain, nothing in there, you're not thinking about where you want to hit it and that start of stuff. And so just you know you've got a lead and you think, well I can just sort of kick it down the fairway. But you still have to hit the golf ball and I sort of hit a shot accordingly, didn't I.

Q. Thinking other things --
SCOTT STRANGE: Yeah, I had a fair bit in my mind, a fair bit going through my head right then.
SCOTT CROCKETT: What's the immediate plan, Scott, because you are entered for U.S. Open Qualifying tomorrow and Austria; are they both still on the agenda?
SCOTT STRANGE: U.S. Open isn't. I'm going to stay the night and have a couple of drinks and just enjoy the moment, and Austria could possibly still be going ahead.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Any more questions for our new champion? Well done.

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