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May 31, 2008

Alvaro Velasco


Q. Level through eight holes, needed something to happen and made four birdies in five from the ninth, how did that feel?
ALVARO VELASCO: That felt really good. I was playing okay but didn't really give myself a chance lot of opportunities, birdie opportunities, and suddenly started making putts and felt really good to have those four holes for birdies.

Q. Were you aware around you, lots of people were making birdies?
ALVARO VELASCO: Yeah, I was looking at the leaderboard sometimes, and obviously players making birdies, so I just had to be patient. I knew this course, you can make birdies and some holes on the back nine, so I said, okay, be patient and keep playing like you're playing and some putts are going to go in, so be patient and that's what happened.

Q. You've been in fabulous form recently. What's behind that form? Have you found something in your swing or your putting?
ALVARO VELASCO: No, I don't really work a lot on my swing or my putting. I just focused a lot more on my short game because it wasn't very good at the beginning of the season, and I realised it was a very important thing for me to improve that.
So I've been working on that a lot, and that's been working quite well lately.

Q. About halfway through your first season on Tour now, are you surprised with how well you've done or is it what you expected?
ALVARO VELASCO: Well, at the beginning I expected to play a little better, but now I'm playing just great and enjoying it a lot. I think I expected something like this, not that early in all of these last weeks playing so well, but at the end of the year, I thought I could play this level, so I'm happy with it.

Q. How much is this week's performance built on the confidence from the last few weeks?
ALVARO VELASCO: Amazing confidence. I've been playing really solid, this course is good and everything is going the way I want it to go. So I'm really confident right now, and I hope to be confident one more day and play my game and that's it.

Q. If you get a chance to win tomorrow in the last few holes, do you feel ready to take it?
ALVARO VELASCO: Well, I think so. This is my first year on The European Tour, but I feel really confident and very comfortable here, and I'm enjoying a lot, so if there's a chance, I'll take it, for sure.

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