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May 31, 2008

Scott Strange


SCOTT CROCKETT: Scott, thanks very much for coming in to join us as always. We should really start with your golf which has been excellent, but maybe start with your health because you're not feeling the best, tell us about that.
SCOTT STRANGE: I don't know, down 14, just walking and I felt a little bit flat and I said to the two specialists I feel a bit flat and walked up the hill to the tee box, I don't know, I felt dizzy for some reason. I hit a poor tee shot there, but I managed to make a par.
But the whole hole I was feeling dizzy, don't know what it was. But I walked off the hole, put a banana into me and some water, and then I got a chocolate bar on the back of 16 which sort of made me feel a bit better and now have an uneasy feeling in my stomach and my chest.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Have you felt that way on a course before?
SCOTT STRANGE: No, no, I haven't felt this on the course before, but -- I can't explain it. Maybe I just need to lie down and just let things pass for the moment.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Was there a fear that you might not be able to carry on at any point out there?
SCOTT STRANGE: Well, I felt like I was going to fall over throw up but never not carry on. I sort of managed to get my way home. Yeah, I guess I'll just wait and see how I pull up tonight.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Given all that, the fact that you're still in the lead and still playing well must be very pleasing.
SCOTT STRANGE: Yeah, I'm very happy with where I'm sitting, tomorrow is going to come around quicker than expected and just tee it up and try to close this thing out.

Q. What will you do now?
SCOTT STRANGE: I'll go have a chat with the physio. Might be something -- if they recommend something else, I'll do that.

Q. Plenty of food, plenty to drink?
SCOTT STRANGE: Yeah, I had plenty of food, plenty to drink. Just for some reason felt funny on that hole.

Q. Could it have been nerves?
SCOTT STRANGE: No, I wasn't nervous. I had settled into my round then. I really can't explain it. Honestly, just felt light-headed, and then when I got down the fairway, I got the second out of the bush and got down there, I had a bit of trouble trying to put the tee in the ground, felt like I was going to fall forward.
Then I got a banana and chocolate bar and stuff, so maybe I need some more food or sugar or something, I don't know.

Q. With Karlsson and --
SCOTT STRANGE: Nothing you can do. You can't look at what other people are doing. If they manage to shoot 7-under and I do, too, they played better than me. You can't worry about stuff like that.

Q. Back home, rest when you get in?
SCOTT STRANGE: I bought a U.K. sim card and I swapped it with the other one today, that took me half an hour to get going on it.

Q. Highlights of the round?
SCOTT STRANGE: The birdie on 2, I got home for two there, and I really don't hit the ball that far, probably like 240-something metres, and I was quite happy with that. I'm not normally that long off the tee. And I hit a good 6-iron on the 4, a pretty good drive in the rough and a pretty good 6-iron there. I hit the ball pretty solid all day.

Q. When you played the course this afternoon --
SCOTT STRANGE: It requires some quality iron play I think. There are certain holes where you've got to put it in the fairway to have a go at a few pins, and some pins you don't even bother. Good, quality iron shots at any golf course is going to make the course look quite simple, but you still have to play the golf shot.
I don't know why people are struggling so much. It's pretty generous off the tee. But if you're not hitting your irons well, then maybe you're going to struggle a bit more.

Q. Thoughts on this as a course for a Ryder Cup?
SCOTT STRANGE: I don't know if I'm in a position to comment on that. I know how the course, how it's playing now, it could create some interesting matches and stuff.

Q. Have you ever played --
SCOTT STRANGE: I did, with a hotel suitcase, back of cars, that sort of stuff.

Q. Being away --
SCOTT STRANGE: I'm an Australian, wherever you play is a long way from home, isn't it.
It's just my first year, I haven't taken that into account.

Q. Thoughts of relocating?
SCOTT STRANGE: If you get weather is like this, I might think about it.
SCOTT CROCKETT: Hope you feel a lot better tomorrow and good luck tomorrow.

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