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May 30, 2008

Justin Rose


JUSTIN ROSE: Obviously it was a day where I made some mistakes. I hit a few poor shots. But I think the way I dealt with those poor shots was key today. I stayed pretty patient and managed to get a respectable score out of the golf course today.

Q. Why was par a respectable score today? Was it the wind?
JUSTIN ROSE: Obviously the wind. It's blowing 20 mile an hour out there and it makes it tough to get it close to the flags.
And the problem with this golf course is -- not the problem, the great thing about this golf course is if you short-side yourself you really have no shot. And on a few occasions today, there was actually no chance of making par you're actually trying to make bogey and get out of there. Just accept you made a mistake.

Q. What were you trying to do on 14?
JUSTIN ROSE: That's a classic example. What you're trying to do is you're trying to land the ball in the rough and hopefully get a little hop out of it, because literally, your ball just needs to be just toppling onto the green to get down to the pin.
So if you hit, with the furrows in the bunkers, if you splash that ball out on to the front edge of the green that ball would have rolled all the way off, down the other side, and potentially into the water. So I figured my, the better miss for me was almost to leave it in the very front of the bunker or where I did, yeah.

Q. Do you think Goggin is a pretender or is this guy going to close the deal? He's very streaky I'm told.
JUSTIN ROSE: It's not my place to comment. But it's 36 holes down the line and that's, it's, as a golfer we don't get ahead of ourselves and I think that Mathew is, this is the halfway point, so, and he's played well so far.

Q. You had said in these conditions it's still wide open?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think it is wide open. If we -- the great thing about this course is that if we get some rain over night I think the course -- and it's not too windy -- this course becomes a course you can score on again.
So someone could go out there and shoot, 5, 6, 7-under par again. So I think it's a really great golf course and today was just a really tough day.

Q. Do you like the setup here?
JUSTIN ROSE: The setup's was awesome the first day. You add in 20 mile an hour wind and it become as bit sketchy. But what can you do, it's kind of, it's Mother Nature adding her hand to things. But no, it's a great golf course. You couldn't wish to putt on better greens than this. And it tests your short game, tests your mental game, and I guess that's what golf's all about.

Q. Is there any course that can withstand 20 miles an hour winds that would yield low scores under those conditions?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, no. A course with no bunkers and no rough and that would be pretty easy. But the wind makes it tough. Controlling your ball flight obviously is premium and like for me today if you're not quite on your game it becomes really tough.

Q. Where does this rank difficulty-wise in terms of Majors? I guess because you got some generous fairways maybe it's not quite as tough as some Major setups, but how do you feel about it?
JUSTIN ROSE: It felt quite Augusta-like to me like last year. The course was softer than Augusta was last year, but it has that feel. With the fairways being relatively wide and it being a second shot golf course. So yeah, that's how I would look at it. That's what comes to mind.

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