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May 30, 2008

Robert Karlsson


Q. 6-under through 14, finished 4, how do you feel?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Two 67s around here I'm very happy with that. After a few weeks, I've been feeling a little bit tight and a long walk around here, I'm happy with where I stands after 36 holes. That's good.

Q. You've won one the Roman Road Course; what do you think of this one?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Well, they can't be more different I would say. The other one is a lot of up-and-downs and it's quite small, undulating greens. Here you have fairly big greens and it's more of a modern golf course, especially with a number of holes very long and the other course is not so long.

Q. So in a way is it more suitable to you because you're one of the longest hitters?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Well, I'm actually trying to become a player that can play on all courses. That's the goal. So doesn't really matter. I'm comfortable with where I stand at the moment halfway.

Q. Your stroke average at the moment is under 70 for the first time in your career; are you playing the best golf of your life, is that how it feels?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Yes, I would say so, and also to get the stroke average down you have to be able to stay mentally focused on the golf course, and I think I've done that very well, then you are not going to have the 76s and 77s of them, too many of them and that keeps the stroke average down.

Q. You've had three third place finishes in a row; do you feel those are missed opportunities or just good form or good signs for the future?
ROBERT KARLSSON: Yes, both, I've got to say both. It's great to be up there. Obviously definitely last week was a missed opportunity but if you finished tournament at the biggest tournament we have in Europe it's not too bad.

Q. Do you feel that if you keep battering at that door it will happen?
ROBERT KARLSSON: I hope so. Most important thing is to keep playing my game and doing what I'm doing and I'm really happy with the way things are going.

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