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May 30, 2008

Benn Barham


Q. After your guarded satisfaction yesterday, is this much more satisfying?
BENN BARHAM: Yeah, absolutely, after the first round, you don't have to get too carried away. Yeah, I played well today. Got off to a good start and managed to press on from there.

Q. Everything work?
BENN BARHAM: Yeah, I kind of hit a lot of good shots and holed some kind of putts that you don't expect to hole, really, one across the green with the slope. I'm pleased with my game, hit a lot of greens and fairways and that's what I'm trying to do this week.

Q. What was the length of the putts that you didn't expect?
BENN BARHAM: One from about 30 feet on the first, across the slope from back to front which was quite nice.
And I'm sure there's another one -- I don't know, blocked from my memory.

Q. It's always wonderful to get some momentum like that in that immediate confidence, isn't it?
BENN BARHAM: I got off to a good start and kept it going which is nice and kept it going; whereas yesterday I got off to a great start and just kept chugging out the pars which can be frustrating.
9-under after two is good and I'm putting nicely so looking forward to the weekend.

Q. You said you had been doing a lot of work off the course and you were beginning to show the results of it yesterday and again you didn't want to get too carried away, did you?
BENN BARHAM: No, it's been a tough few weeks, actually. And you know, I kind of sat myself down, had a bit of a talk to myself and worked out where I'm going to go, because I couldn't carry on and do what I was doing and made a few changes, and so it's nice when you do that. Kind of when you make a serious change in it, that pays off as quickly as it seems to have done so far this week, it's very pleasing.

Q. You strike me as being pretty positive in your outlook anyway, but there are times when you get down on yourself.
BENN BARHAM: When you don't get the results sometimes -- you can't get caught up in missing or making cuts. If you believe you're doing the right things, you need to keep going because this game, it can turn just like that.

Q. At this time of year, it is a bit too soon to worry about the future but at the same time it is the time to make some money, isn't it.
BENN BARHAM: You can't think about the future right now; but, if you don't think about it, the season can soon run away from you. So yeah, I think it's a great time to start playing well, as you say, last week would have been nice to start playing well but any time now I'm happy if it kicks in.

Q. Going back to what you said before, this is a lovely position to be in.
BENN BARHAM: Yeah, it's nice, I caught a glimpses of the leaderboard on the last green and saw there's a few on nine and eight, so looking forward the weekend, hopefully the sun will come out and we'll have a good time.

Q. Your approach is the same?
BENN BARHAM: Yeah, tomorrow, sure looking forward to it. Yeah, exactly just trying to work on a few things that my coach has given me swing-wise and a couple of things mentally to work on, and hopefully we can achieve more of the same.

Q. What do you say to yourself when you're talking to yourself?
BENN BARHAM: Just look at every area of the game, even stuff on course you kind of have a look at. I suppose it's like in any job, really, you look at what's going well and what's not and you either call people in to help with the changes or you either take them on yourself. In this case I've called upon the services of another psychologist, Andy Duncan, to give me a different few on things. You can get so caught up and bogged down and see one view of things, it's nice to get a different perspective sometimes.
Also when things are not going well, that's when I feel I'm kind of dangerous because that's when I really get a hold of myself and if you're chugging along, you don't really notice it; but all of a sudden if you're not doing so well, you can give yourself a serious kick up the backside.

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