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May 30, 2008

Bradley Dredge


Q. Birdie on the last?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, thought at least 1-under, maybe two, and just didn't play well enough really. Didn't do many things very well, so it's difficult to do well in a tournament.

Q. And you snapped your 3-wood?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Literally, yeah. I was just testing the flaps on the 3-wood to see if it was all right and unfortunately it broke.

Q. At any point today when you thought you might --
BRADLEY DREDGE: I thought 1-under had a chance. I wasn't sure if 1- or 2-under was going to get in. It's frustrating and got going at one point and obviously trying to shoot as low a score as you can and you sort of know things aren't going great, and a decent 3-wood into 15, and you're on the side of a bunker and got a poor shot into 16 and 17 and 18, as well.
So, I had enough chances. I just didn't play very well.

Q. The 3-wood that snapped, was it the putter that cost you over the two days, do you think?
BRADLEY DREDGE: The first day in particular. When you hole two really long putts -- I putted better today but I really struck the ball very poorly and drove the ball okay, and not great, but my iron play was terrible.

Q. You're back on the putting green; did that help at all? Did it solve any sort of problems?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Just went home and did a bit of work there. You know, putting sort of comes and goes, so it comes down a lot to do with reading the greens. My speed putting today still wasn't very good.

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