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May 30, 2008

Robert Dinwiddie


MICHAEL GIBBONS: Robert, thanks for joining us. Maybe start with talking us through the eagle on the last.
ROBERT DINWIDDIE: Well, didn't actually hit that good of a drive, looped it out to the right a little bit thought I was going to be too far back to go for it in two but calculated and I had 250 to the front, playing 240 down the hill and just hit a 3-wood in there to about six feet.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: That's a great score isn't it. We know last week at the West Course --
ROBERT DINWIDDIE: Well, got to be more consistent and fortunately it's been that way so far and so yeah I'm happy that I got myself in at a good scar after two rounds, and hopefully I can build on that the next two days.

Q. Has that happened this year?
ROBERT DINWIDDIE: I normally like to think of myself as being fairly consistent, and this year has been fairly up-and-down. I've been either right up there or finishing Top 15 or so or missing the cut.
So I'd like to -- I think just find my feet a little bit to be honest and if I can find a bit more consistency and make it a few putts in a row and maybe get in contention, that would be great.

Q. Did you see this form coming?
ROBERT DINWIDDIE: Well, I actually hit the ball, my swing felt pretty good on Sunday. I had made on 8 on the 13th, and I felt like I was swinging as good, actually even felt better than on Friday, and so I actually came here feeling pretty good about my swing even though the scores wouldn't have said so.

Q. Added pressure today?
ROBERT DINWIDDIE: I was just really tired because we finished at 8:30, 9:00, had dinner and things afterwards and didn't get to bed until late and then teeing off the next day, was just a little bit worn out I think.
And I think it took an immense out of me shooting that score previous day, the concentration, especially on the greens, which were so difficult. So not added pressure; just didn't seem to putt well and felt a little bit tired.

Q. The commentary --
ROBERT DINWIDDIE: More than sensed. Peter Alliss said in the commentary that is was a bit of an inconsistent week but he said quite the contrary, it's really showed in one shot -

Q. What do you think it will take to win, winning score?
ROBERT DINWIDDIE: All depends on the weather. I don't know what the forecast is for the next few days. If it's like today, I don't know, you're probably going to be looking at 20-under if the weather is like this the next few days.
It's so wet; when it dries out, it will become a little bit narrow off the tee and it will probably end up narrowing some of the fairways, as well. A course needs it's own -- like this, before you really know what it's really going to be like.
All in all it's going to shape up nicely.

Q. Good course for the Ryder Cup, maybe make the team?
ROBERT DINWIDDIE: We'll see, it's a few years away, never say never, but just got to keep on plugging away.

Q. Too easy in these conditions?
ROBERT DINWIDDIE: Well, we've got no wind, very soft greens, preferred lies. The fairways are wet. You could almost say casual water for virtually every shot in the fairway but you take your ball and you have a good lie and you can just fire right at the flags. But the greens, they could be a right firmer so they wouldn't be quite as footprinty. The greens are tricky to hole putts on, though.

Q. 3-wood on the last --
ROBERT DINWIDDIE: When I hooked it, I knew it was good. I was debating on whether or not I was going to go for it. But placing the ball, you can get a perfect lie, and it was on a slight downslope. But yeah, when I hit it, I knew it was going to be close, within 20, 30 feet or so.

Q. Change from last week.
ROBERT DINWIDDIE: I think it's nice to have a mixed bag. It is a complete change of golf course. More generous off the tee. More long irons into the greens. It's actually probably a little bit more course management I would say to shoot good scores. I feel like I can play very well on either.

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