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July 29, 2004

Bob Gilder


Q. (Inaudible).

BOB GILDER: I did, I put a new driver in my bag, put a new wedge in my bag and hopefully a new swing from last week. It's kind of a made-up swing over there sometimes with that wind. It's a little more narrow and a little more scary when you miss the fairway. This looks pretty good to me right here.

Q. I don't have the stats in front of me.

BOB GILDER: Actually I drove the ball very well. I did miss a couple fairways with my 3-wood, but other than that, I drove the ball well, and I hit it close on the front side. Hit it close a couple times on the back and missed them, but I found myself in between clubs a lot on the back side as opposed to the front side where I felt pretty comfortable hitting into some of these pins with a pretty good full shot and got it close quite a few times and made some.

The back side was a little more difficult. It was just a little harder to get it close, that's all. They had some pretty tough pins back there. All in all, I played very well and I'm very happy with how I played. I'm looking forward to working on making it a little bit better.

Q. Was it good you were over last week to play in Ireland and came back to play?

BOB GILDER: I never even thought about it. I wanted to play over here. This doesn't bother me coming back here. I don't know what the big deal is. You get up a little bit earlier when you come back here. Big deal. I try not to worry about the adjustment and just go to sleep when I'm tired and get up when I'm awake. Eventually, you know, you've got to stay up a little bit longer when you come back home and you just do it gradually and that's okay. I feel fine out here. This doesn't bother me.

Q. Bob, does this seem like the longest course you've ever played on the Champions Tour?

BOB GILDER: You know, the conditions are so good. The fairways are so good. When you're sitting there with a perfect lie and you've got 4-iron as opposed to 6-iron in your hand, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference whether you think it's longer or not. It feels like you're able to hit your shots a little bit better. I remember this in 1992 when I played as being a little bit longer back then.

I didn't think it played quite as long now as it did back then for some reason. I don't know what the deal was, but I can remember not hitting the balls as far off the tees as I am now. The whole field is hitting it farther. So that was a little surprising to me, yeah. Is it supposed to be over 7,000?

Q. Yeah, 7,117.

BOB GILDER: There are some long holes, 10, and what is it, 4 or 5. If you miss the fairways, they're real long. It gets real long out there. If you're hitting the fairways and you're swinging good, all golf courses play pretty good to you.

Q. When did you find your swing, sometime early this week?

BOB GILDER: I wasn't comfortable with it when I started today. And it just seems like sometimes when you start the round, I mean, I started with a bad swing and 3 went into the right rough off of 1 and then I made bogey. It seemed to calm down from there where I stayed a little bit softer with it. It kind of fell into place right there after No. 1.

On the practice tee I felt a little jumpy with it, but when the round starts you have a tendency to focus a little bit more and really think about it. I mean, that's the way it works for me. When I get into competition, when the bell rings, I focus more and I can feel my swing a little bit more rather than just standing there beating balls on the range

Q. (Inaudible).

BOB GILDER: This is wonderful today. This is great weather.

Q. Are you waiting for this course to still come up and bite you?

BOB GILDER: Definitely it can, but the fairways are, you know, wide enough. I mean, if you hit the right club off the tee, you're going to find some fairly wide fairways, especially after last week. I mean, they were narrow last week and they had these pot bunkers you could not hit out of. They looked even smaller, and to come to these, these look wonderful. That's the advantage of coming from over there to here, I think.

Q. How wide do these fairways look compared to last week?

BOB GILDER: They look pretty wide right now. If you're not going to hit it where some of the bunkers are, the cross bunkers and the fairways, they're a little wider. If you can drive it over them, it gets wide. It's not that wide, but it just feels wide mentally, and what you see.

All right. Thank you.

End of FastScripts.

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