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May 29, 2008

Rod Pampling


Q. Didn't seem to matter what time of the day guys went out today, it was benign conditions all day.
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, it was obviously a great day for golf. We got lucky. I was at the golf course -- the golf course is set up really hard, but with no wind it allows you to have a little bit of fun out here.

Q. Just a continuation of last week?
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, it was pretty nice. I didn't quite putt as good as last week. I left a few out there, but still it was -- we made a couple nice ones coming down the stretch. So it was a good day.

Q. A lot of confidence?
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, you know it's going straight, which is a good thing.

Q. How difficult is it out there? How fast are the greens?
ROD PAMPLING: The greens are obviously -- they're very quick. Thankfully if you hit a good putt they are pretty much going to go in if you get it on line. But they're rolling great. You just got to be careful where you leave it on the green and it's just a great course.

Q. Can you charge putts or do you have to like pick your spots? Can they only be uphill?
ROD PAMPLING: You can charge them. You just hope you don't miss them. But, yeah, I won't be charging too many downhill, that's for sure.

Q. Is it satisfying the way last week ended to come out here and do what you did today, which shows no, you know --
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, you know, obviously the game feels really good and we're making some putts so it's just a continuation from last week. With a few extra longer clubs in the bag this week, a few more into the greens, it's not so much the shorter irons. But still it's nice to have the game where it is now.

Q. Where it is now or not, do you approach every round the same from the first tee on or do you are you conservative until you make something good happen and then start going at things or do you feel your way through it?
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, just depends on how the golf course is set up. If you have an easy pin, you can obviously be more aggressive. If not, you play a little bit safer. And depending upon the weather, there's a lot of variations out there. But you just -- once you get on whatever hole it is, you just play the hole the way it's set up and playing that day.

Q. Did you have any moments today where you hit a putt too hard and hit it way past or were you under control?
ROD PAMPLING: Most of the time I was pretty much under control. Yeah, I didn't really leave myself any 6-, 7-footers anyway, but there was a few 3- or 4-footers which you're going to get but on the whole it was pretty good.

Q. Can you think of any clever shots of note?
ROD PAMPLING: Yeah, I hit coming down the stretch, I really chipped well on the -- I got lucky on 15, the par-5. I hit it a bit right and finished on the first cut and stiffed that basically.
Then 17 I chipped it in from just off the edge.
18, I got a lucky break on left there. I was in the deep rough, but I was on a sprinkler so I could get to drop out on the first cut and chipped it up to 6 foot. And that happens I guess when you're playing good you get a few breaks here and there.

Q. Talk about last week, did you come out today feeling a little flat or extra motivated or just business as usual?
ROD PAMPLING: I was flat Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. And just got up this morning, it was nice to have a late tee time, and just went into the gym and did a little bit of a workout just to kind of perk myself up and it worked. I felt good out there.

Q. This golf course you played well here before, did that help coming in here with a mindset?
ROD PAMPLING: Oh, sure. Whenever -- you can be playing really bad and you come to a golf course you've had success at and somehow you find a way to get it around out there. And certainly playing well you certainly are keyed up for a good week.

Q. Almost winning you learn something every time. Anything you learned from last week that you're bringing into this week?
ROD PAMPLING: Basically trying to control yourself. You know, Phil obviously hit a great shot on 18 to beat me. So realistically, I didn't do anything wrong, it was just someone else played a better shot and beat me on that day. So it's just go out and just play my own game and see if it's the best at the end of the week.

Q. Have you talked to Phil?
ROD PAMPLING: No, I haven't seen him. I tried to step on his wedge, but I missed it, so.

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