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May 29, 2008

Ross Fisher


Q. Presumably lighter, not such a good finish last week?
ROSS FISHER: Yes, as you know last week was bitterly disappointing, the way I played on Saturday, obviously being in front of all my home crowd, home club, very disappointing, so it's just you know try to putt that to the back of your mind and come out firing today. Obviously it's been a bit of a long day. I was up at six, got here just before seven and sort of sitting around waiting, waiting, waiting, and finally got the call that we were going out.
Kind of a bit tricky really starting on 11, also. You get your practise, you warm up and also I lost a spike, so I had to go back up and put another spike in, so that sort of added to it.
But yeah, I just felt like I played pretty solid. Couple of silly dropped shots, really, but putted very nicely today, which was I think the key. The greens are a little bit slower, quite tricky to read but I felt like I putted pretty solid apart from a 3-putt in the first on the middle of the green. Holed one from off the green, and then obviously eagle on 18 was very nice, yes, so it's been a good day.

Q. You say a long day; it's a long course, as well, isn't it, which isn't that right up your street?
ROSS FISHER: Well, I hope so. I would say fingers crossed, it is. They moved a few tees forward, which I think they needed to really, because it's had so much rain but to be honest I feel like the course has held up really well and no trace of water on the greens.
And the greens, I wouldn't say they are perfect but I think they putt very well for obviously such a new golf course. Obviously they are not as quick as what us guys want them to be, but to be fair, you know, you've got to adapt to it.
So considering all of the weather we've had, I think the course has held up very well and fortunately, yeah, they did move a few tees up off the 18 is quite nice so that was only a driver and a 5-wood, so, yeah, that was quite nice.
Yeah, like I said, I played the first on practise Tuesday and it was driver, 6-iron and today it was driver, 9-iron. So it helps a lot and obviously the scoring as you can see, I think Edoardo shot 7-under which is a great score. But if you play well, it's on, because the greens are very receptive and very soft and I think the scoring if the weather stays like this could be very good.

Q. Bearing in mind that most of us, and I'm sure you, yourself, would like to be here in 2010 to play a certain big team event, is it the kind of course that should be staging a Ryder Cup? Is it one that appeals like that?
ROSS FISHER: I was actually walking around Tuesday thinking, personally, I don't know, it's difficult. It's such a new course. I think it needs probably a bit more time to mature. But I was actually wandering around thinking, this actually could be a great match-play golf course. You've got par 5s where they can move tees up so you can get home in two. Obviously 18, especially. And then you've got obviously typically the 15th, great match-play hole, sort of like the 10th at The Belfry. I think it could potentially be a very, very good Ryder Cup course.
I don't know, I personally feel like it could suit the Europeans. Hopefully I can continue to play well this week, continue to play well and hopefully get myself on that team and be on a winning European Ryder Cup Team.

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