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May 29, 2008

Phillip Price


Q. Fair to say you have not been your best this year, what was the difference today, terrific round of golf.
PHILLIP PRICE: Today I started well. I birdied the second, hit a nice wedge in close, and drove it on one of the par fours and made birdie. I just felt like I started well and it gave me some confidence out there.

Q. Any sense in practise that things were coming around?
PHILLIP PRICE: Yeah, I think so. Played Tuesday, played 11 holes, only practise I got in, but felt like I was stroking the ball well. Gone back to the short putter, felt nice, so I did feel like things were coming around.

Q. People imagine that since you're a Welsh boy, you've played the course more than most?
PHILLIP PRICE: I will have played it more than most but I won't play it in the same conditions. I'll have played off front tee so it will be totally different, but I will have played it more than most.

Q. How many times have you played it?
PHILLIP PRICE: Maybe played a dozen times. But like nothing in these conditions so I don't feel I have an advantage.

Q. People were saying, felt like it was a monster and nothing like 64, 65 should be shot.
PHILLIP PRICE: I think what they have done is moved five tees forward which totally changes the course. Whenever the course is wet, you're able to hit you're irons in closer, so soft greens makes it much easier.

Q. Does playing in front of home fans inspire you?
PHILLIP PRICE: It was nice, especially as I was going quite well, everybody cheering, it was a good buzz.

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