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May 29, 2008

Alvaro Velasco


Q. Just tell us how good that round was?
ALVARO VELASCO: Amazing, feeling really good, played solid and made some good putts and felt really good on this course. It's playing long. While we played some tees in the front, but still, it's very long, so it was very nice.

Q. What was the highlight?
ALVARO VELASCO: The highlight, well, actually I had four birdies in a row from the 10th to the 13th, so that was kind of the difference during the round. That was what made the difference.

Q. Most of the guys right up at the top said they used the driver an awful lot today. Are you the same?
ALVARO VELASCO: Yeah, I used driver everywhere. The ball doesn't get any roll. Just want hit as far as possible to have the shortest iron possible so hit the driver everywhere.

Q. Very long course?
ALVARO VELASCO: Very difficult, and the rough is quite high, and you have some very long shots to the greens, so you'd better be in the fairway to hit the greens.

Q. How long has this been now, it's been a wonderful run of form you're on, a month, month and a half.
ALVARO VELASCO: Yeah, I feel like I could keep going but I need a break, this is my fifth week. I'm really enjoying it a lot. I'm playing well and great courses, great tournaments and I'm enjoying a lot.

Q. The first thing was a Top-10 finish to allow you into the next event, wasn't it, and it's had a knock-on effect?
ALVARO VELASCO: I had a Top-10 effect and I was going to play in Ireland, too, so that was really for my confidence, it was very good.
And in Ireland, I played well, and also last week in Wentworth, for me it was like a present to play there at Wentworth, such a great tournament, such great players. It was very nice.

Q. Have you ever during this wonderful round given thought to how much money you're earning and how it affect the things on the Order of Merit and your card for next year?
ALVARO VELASCO: Yeah, well, I mean, when I'm playing out there, I just try to make the best round possible and shoot the lowest possible, but at the end of the day, I think of those things of the Order of Merit -- not about the money, but the Order of Merit, it's very important for me. This is my first year on The European Tour, so it's kind of hard not to see the Order of Merit and all of these things. So that's why I'm playing on the course, I just focus on playing the best possible.

Q. Do you think about the Order of Merit that you're almost there, almost secure for next year?
ALVARO VELASCO: Yeah, thinking I'm doing well and the progression is good, so I feel very confident and relaxed. But the first thing I have in mind is to keep the card for next year and then we'll see.

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