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May 29, 2008

Edoardo Molinari


MICHAEL GIBBONS: Very well played and before we talk about the golf, do you want to fill these guys in on the injury that you were telling me about?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: Yes, I had bad pain last year in September and I had it for about two months, tendonitis in the left wrist, and then I couldn't get rid of it. And the guys at AC Milan, the football team, they helped me out a lot with my fitness. And I went to see them and they told me that the way I close my mouth, all of the muscles in the left, upper side of my body they got tightened up.
So whenever I was hitting a lot of balls or stretching the muscles a lot, the tendon was getting inflammated. And so they put a small thing in my mouth that I use when I play and when I go to the gym. It's helped me very well because the last couple of weeks, I've felt very good and I've had no more pain in the wrist. So it's definitely working a lot.

Q. It's a rubber -- in your mouth?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: Yes, it's like a small rubber in the lower teeth. It's goes around my lower teeth.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Do you want to show them? (Laughter).

Q. How is that related to the wrist?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: Because they say when I close the mouth, all of the muscles in the left side of my body, they stay relaxed, so they can work properly; where if I don't use this one when I close my mouth, after a few holes or after a lot of balls or a lot of stress, the muscles, they are not working properly so the tendons don't start to work and get inflamed and that's what they explained to me.
The first time, I don't know, I go to see them about once every five, six weeks to help me out with the fitness. When I got injured, then I went there probably four or five weeks later when I first got injured. And there was a kind of doctor called a chiropractician who helps you with your posture and balance and he said these things to me. And four or five days later, I had no pain at all.

Q. Did you believe it when he told you?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: No, I mean, my dad is a dentist and he is saying, I don't believe this. And I had laser treatment and I had massages and I tried to take some time off, but it didn't work, so I said, let's try this, as well. And it worked very well. It was actually a week before the World Cup in China with my brother, Francesco, and if I hadn't seen this doctor, probably I wouldn't have been able to play in the World Cup.

Q. Where do you wear it?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: I wear it when I'm on the course, when I'm playing golf and when I'm in the gym. For the first two or three months, also during when I sleep. I went to see the doctor before coming here, before this week, and he said to me to start leaving it out when I'm sleeping. So I'm still using it when I play golf and when I go to the gym.

Q. ?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: It's like I don't close the mouth properly, so with this, I feel like my chin is going a little forward than when I used to close the mouth and it's making a huge difference. It keeps it (aligned). I wear it sleeping as well, yes.

Q. Do you chew gum?

Q. When he told you this, what was your reaction?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: I was a little, how do you say -- I didn't believe in it very much. But then they give you like he was putting something in the mouth like small pieces of rubber not to close my teeth and he was touching me behind and I had no pain at all, like none, and then as soon as he took off this rubber piece, he make me walk like four or five pace, came back, sit down like this, and he was touching me at the back and I was almost screaming because of the pain.

Q. Where is the pain?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: Starting at left side of the neck up through the shoulder and forearm and up through the wrist and the one thing that was inflamed was in the wrist.

Q. Had he done the same thing before?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: I don't know if you know Nesta, the Italian defender. When he was in Lazio, before he was with AC Milan, every season he missed like ten, 15 games because of injuries in the back muscles or the leg, the hamstring. And every year for four or five years, he was missing, like I said, ten to 15 matches and then he went to see this doctor, and instead of putting in this piece of rubber, he cut a little bit one of the teeth, like a couple of millimeters and he never got injured in his hamstring with AC Milan, and he's been playing there for six, seven years.
I think it's like different, because he was saying to me that whenever as soon as I close my mouth, all of the muscles, he could feel it and I could feel it, as well, because a lot of pain; all of the muscles, they tighten up.

Q. did you have it specially made?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: Yes, it's especially made for me -- I went to see a dentist who is working with this chiropractor and he made me one, as well.

Q. ?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: Very much, and it's working very, very well.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Should we talk a little golf? (Laughter).

Q. Your brother is one ahead of you in pro victories - it would be nice to get your own win?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: It was great to see him winning the Italian Open, and I think he is a better player than I am right now, but I'm trying to catch him up and hopefully in the next few years, I'll be able to catch him?

Q. Maybe this week?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: Yeah, obviously the sooner, the better, but I mean, there are a lot of good guys out there, so it's very difficult to do it.

Q. What was the key for you?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: I played very well today tee-to-green. I think I only missed two drives, on No. 8 and No. 9 on the right. Especially No. 9, I had a good lie so I could go for the green, and No. 8 I just chipped it out and hit a very good shot to six feet, five feet and holed the putt for par.
I drove the ball well, and today my putting was very good. I think because I've been playing quite well since the Spanish Open, which was a month ago, I have not been putting well. Especially two weeks ago in Ireland I was playing really well and wasn't holing anything. So finally today I hole some putts, a couple of long ones, as well, like 25-, 30-footers and this way of putting definitely helps the score a lot.

Q. How did you come to work with the AC Milan guys?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: Because one of my managers' wife earlier was working with AC Milan and they had this medical test centre in AC Milan which they use for the team, and I spoke with him and he told me if I wanted to, I could go there and make some tests and they could make me a fitness programme, which it definitely helped me a lot because I've gained a lot of yards with the driver. So started that way, and then I go there once every five, six weeks depending on my schedule and their schedule and they do some more testing and some more things and they send me the programme to follow during the tournaments and when I have some weeks off at home.

Q. Do you train with AC Milan?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: I go there sometimes with the team when the team is there but I do different stuff than the team.

Q. ?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: I spoke a lot with the fitness -- with the head guy of fitness of AC Milan, and he started a new medical centre about seven, eight, years ago. If you look at AC Milan, they have a lot of players over the age of 30, like Maldini is 41 next year, but he will still be playing and he is still in good shape. He said that they can prolong the career of the players a lot. They don't use injections anymore for the injuries because they have much less injuries than before.
So they say that it's a great thing for them and obviously if like last year -- last year they were not playing well at all during the winter, and they have like some time off, they try to work out with the players more and then they won the championship and they said that a lot of the reason is because of this new machines there and the new way that they can work.

Q. Did you play with the injury?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: I was shooting really high numbers. I could hardly lift the club for a week and it wasn't good playing. I still played two tournaments but I was playing really poorly because of the injury.

Q. Do you play golf with the AC Milan players?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: Sometimes I do. Sometimes I also play with the Juventus players because I am from Turin.

Q. Who are the good players?
EDOARDO MOLINARI: Shevchenko, oh, he's at Chelsea now. He used to be a very good - I think he's going back to Mila though!
Yes, I play a lot, I played a few times with Del Pierro - he is a good golfer.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Edoardo, well done, good luck tomorrow.

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