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May 29, 2008

Joe Ogilvie


Q. Joe, 7 birdies on the day today. You had to have been hitting the ball pretty good for 7 birdies?
JOE OGILVIE: Well, I hit the ball well for seven times. The rest of them, I got to go to work. But the golf course is playing very extreme. It's like extreme conditions out there. We have got 15, probably 15 on the Stimp out there for the greens. And then the rough is, I don't think we would even see you in the rough. You would have to have one of those flags on your hat or something to see you. So it's an extreme golf course right now. And it's one of those things where if you get a lot of wind out here, it's going to be almost comical.

Q. What's it like when you're above a hole and have a downhill putt on these greens?
JOE OGILVIE: It's not very good. I played with Shaun Micheel and on the 18th hole he putted it, no exaggeration, he putted it 40 yards over the green. He had about a 40-footer and then he had probably -- well, he had a 40-yard wedge shot coming back. And you can do it. He's not the person to do that. So it's just a golf course that is extremely, extremely difficult. And when you're above the hole, you just hope the hole gets in the way, because if it doesn't, you're going to have a five, six, 40 yarder coming back.

Q. So do you play from the tee to the green or when you get on the tee do you think, okay, where do I want to be?
JOE OGILVIE: Well you want to -- these greens are, they're such that -- they're kind of like Augusta in a way because you can play away from the pins and kind of have the slopes bring it back in. You just hope you're not above the hole. That's the key. Some holes if you hit it at the pin there's no way to stop it, no matter how good you are. So it's really tough.

Q. 3-under par, you got to be happy with the way you ended up today?
JOE OGILVIE: Yeah. No, I'm, extremely pleased. I don't know what course Kenny Perry is playing, but he's 7-under through 17, which is pretty good.

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