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May 29, 2008

Cristie Kerr


MIKE SCANLAN: You started on 10, so birdie at 15?
CRISTIE KERR: 15, I hit a good drive around the corner. It was playing long and I hit an 8-iron in there to about five feet and made that for birdie.
Great save at 16. Great save at 17.
Then I went on to birdie No. 2. I hit 7-iron to about 12 feet and made that.
Then hit 4-iron to the front of the green on the par 5, chipped it up there about a foot and made it.
On No. 5, I hit 9-iron in there under the hole about 12 feet -- ten, 12 feet and made that.
9, I hit sand wedge, a little bit of a divot in the fairway, I don't know how long that putt was, maybe about 20-something feet, 22, 23 feet maybe, and made birdie there.
MIKE SCANLAN: If you could, just talk about how the course is playing after the rain last night.
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah, it is definitely playing wet. The greens are actually in quite good condition. I was fortunate not to hit in the rough today, because it looked pretty thick.
I just didn't hit it particularly great in the beginning of my round but kind of found my groove on 15 and from there I hit a lot of looks at it. And again, great save going for the green in two on 16, I hit it in the hazard and made about a 25-footer for par.
Then actually was trying to hit a low shot on 17, the par 3. I didn't realise how wet the tee was and I didn't tee it up and hit it a little fat in the bunker and made a great save for par there and then kind of got off to a good start.
You know, got up-and-down on 1 for par and I got up-and-down a lot today which has been kind of missing from my game, besides the U.S. Open last year and a couple other tournaments. But I put a lot of work in on my short game and I feel like the difficult stuff is there now, and I've been working on the mental side of the game now, so I feel pretty good about things.

Q. Everyone has talked about how long the course is playing; how long does this course play under dry conditions? Is it longer than normal?
CRISTIE KERR: I think it is. I think this is a fantastic layout. I've always enjoyed playing this course. Last year it was pretty dry and firm and fast. The fairways were very firm and last, but the rough was up.
This year, you know, as the course has matured another year, it has gotten softer but you know, the rain last night, I didn't realise how much it had rained because I slept through most of it last night. But got out here and I was like, wow, it really was wet, so they have got a significant amount of rain.
Like I said, the greens were receptive in spots and sometimes they bounced out but I thought the course was in fantastic shape even though it is pretty wet.

Q. You were in contention right down the stretch last year. Coming back, is there extra determination or how does that play into your mind-set this week.
CRISTIE KERR: I think for me, yes, especially with Ginn being my sponsor, I would love to have a chance at it again this year.
You know, but I'm just trying to find my game right now and it's just coming around, so it's kind of funny, maybe golf goes in cycles because last year the game started turning around at this tournament and feels like it is again this year.
So that's kind of how it's gone.

Q. Time to turn it around with a couple of majors coming up the next few weeks.

Q. Did the par saves on 16 and 17 kick-start your round?
CRISTIE KERR: Absolutely.

Q. And how long was the save on 17?
CRISTIE KERR: The save on 17, it had to be 20 feet, 18 to 20 feet. But I'm putting with the 2-Ball Putter again, the putter that I won four or five tournaments with earlier in my career a couple years ago. It just kind of felt right.
I felt like I was putting well and wasn't making much, and usually a putter change for me does it. I've only gone between a couple putters my whole career, so going back to this one just felt natural.

Q. When did you go back to it?
CRISTIE KERR: I went back to this putter the last round of the Sybase.

Q. Is this the putter that you picked up in Korea?
CRISTIE KERR: No, that was a Ping Craz-E putter, the one I actually paid for, yeah. It was a good investment.
MIKE SCANLAN: All right, thanks for coming in, good luck tomorrow.

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