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May 25, 2008

Oliver Wilson


OLIVER WILSON: You know, that hurts a little bit, I had that chance, and I had 3-putts on that last hole and they have all done something a little different. The one on the first playoff hole, I hit a good putt, but just a little hard on that line.
And then the one there, I hit a good putt and it just swung low. Yeah, a little disappointed. I played great all week. I gave myself a chance coming down the stretch. It was a shame to bogey 17. Yeah, a little disappointed, but I'll be back next week.
I had not been in a playoff for a while. It's better than not being in one at all I suppose if you're not in that position. But you know it's great to be here in this tournament. It's the biggest tournament apart from the majors that we play in, or that I play in at the moment. I think things might change a little bit now, but to compete in this tournament, which is a fantastic tournament, that's what I wanted to do and that's sort of the next progression.
It won't be long.

Q. There's been some big players here, coming in second is still a remarkable achievement?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, it's a good field, a great tournament, great course, everything is fantastic about it. If every event were like this, it would be amazing. Second in this is a good result, but you know, I had my chance, but you're not going to get given a lot of chances to win a tournament like this, and maybe some of the smaller ones you might get a few more but if you get them in these tournaments, you have to take them and unfortunately I didn't take my chance and Miguel is going to take advantage of that. He obviously played great today, as well, and he played good in the playoff.

Q. What was going through your mind on the playoff holes?
OLIVER WILSON: You know what, I was 100 per cent that I was making it. I have not been that confident over a putt ever. I cannot believe that I missed it. I just hit it a little too hard, that's all. Just the finest of lines, and I was so confident. I felt so good about it and thought it was my time. Didn't happen.
It was great to play great like that in the last round, and like I've been saying all week, to be in contention coming down the stretch, you never know what will happen and I played the last few holes 1-over. The par 5s, even though they were playing tough today, you just can't do it, and I did. That was my first chance and then I had a chance in the playoff and didn't take it.
You know, so you're not going to get many more chances than that. I just hit a bad drive at the second hole and hit a wedge in, and had a decent look but just missed.

Q. Fantastic season for you.
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, the season is tracking now. Still looking for that first win. This is another second notched up, so, you know.

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