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May 25, 2008

Jeff Sluman


JEFF SLUMAN: I didn't have to go back to the drawing board at least, but I sure didn't hold up very well today.

Q. You told us to watch out for Jay, your buddy Jay in yesterday's press conference. And just talk a little bit about him and how he played today and how you feel for him.
JEFF SLUMAN: I feel great for him. I feel bad for Bernhard. It was a struggle, but it's been a struggle all week. Bernhard's so tough. On 18 it looked like that putt might go in, from my angle.
But Bernhard's a tough guy and he'll move forward. And I think Jay's one up on me now for Majors. But it's fantastic for Jay to be connected to all the Harmons and everything. And I couldn't be happier for him.

Q. Would you talk about the nerves that you had to be feeling today?
JEFF SLUMAN: I'm always nervous. I might not look nervous, but I'm -- you know, I was telling these guys, you know, my nerves hold up great sometimes and then if I get uptight, just like anybody, they don't play the way they're capable. And I guess that's -- and that's probably my MO for the rest of my life. Sometimes you handle it better than other times. And today I didn't do a very good job.

Q. Did you allow yourself to think ahead to what it would mean to win?
JEFF SLUMAN: I think you guys allowed it, but I didn't. Internally I knew that today was a big test of where my swing was and where all that was. And after a couple of holes, after four or five, I just knew it was going to be a long, tough day. I never gave up. It was just a struggle out there. And the golf course, it's a tough one, and it's tough when you drive it where I drove it.

Q. Was it great to come back?
JEFF SLUMAN: It's always great to come back, to play Oak Hill. It's always a treat to play here. I love the golf course. And it was great to be surrounded by friends and family out here. I'll be back here again.

Q. Summarize the week for us.
JEFF SLUMAN: To play here this week it was probably as good a week as I could have had.

Q. Talk about 16 and your play there.
JEFF SLUMAN: Well, I got to 16 and I said, you know, I played horrendous. If I could just play the last four holes, I thought that I would be 1-under par, you know, I might have had a chance. Might. And it turned out that it would have been spot on.
But I hit an iron -- I haven't hit an iron like that in about a month. My whole deal is my body feels like it's going left, left, left, and then to lose one right and correct it, you know, I hit a, I kind of held a 6-iron there and hit a normal shot for me and I just pulled it and that was dead. I had no shot.
So, plus I'm putting for that bogey there and I knew that any chance of winning was probably out the door unless I holed out one of the holes like Jay did.

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