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May 25, 2008

Bill Britton


Q. How did it go? First of all, you were playing in the second to last group of the Senior PGA Championship. Put into words what kind of day it is. What are you your thoughts about today?
BILL BRITTON: I was so excited and it was different than when I used to play. I think in the old days I would have been as excited, but more concerned. To me, you know, just coming out and I played this last year and this year. So I haven't played that many tournaments, obviously. But it was just a thrill to be here. So I was like so happy.
Unfortunately, I started screwing up out there and that excitement feeling really dwindled to discouragement. But, yeah, in the morning I felt so alive and thrilled just to be here.

Q. What's your daughter's name?

Q. You're the low PGA club professional. You get to come back next year. Is that special significance?
BILL BRITTON: Of course, I have thought about it during the week and a couple people mentioned it during the week. And there are a lot of us club pros working away. They say about 28,000. So it's a pleasure for us to play in a tournament with the best senior golfers. It's a real treat. And it's an honor for me.

Q. Did you think you had a chance to win?
BILL BRITTON: I got so beat up out there, I had to hang in there mentally. And I thought if I could finish, you know, months ago my goal was kind of, maybe, Top-30 or so. And I was so discouraged out there today and I said, you know, give me a chance to finish in the Top-20.
So I think it turned out okay. But I'm sure everybody felt a little bit beat up out there.

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