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May 25, 2008

Gene Jones


Q. Kind of talk about your round today. It seemed to get better every single day?
GENE JONES: I started playing better every day. I did. I started driving the ball a little better. I started thinking about just keeping it more in play rather than -- or I just got more used to the course as I went along. But it got tougher every day.
The hard part is the drive, you hit it on the green, and then you got the hard part, putting. I hit the ball real nice today. Hit it real solid. And started off a little slow and like said I've been improving every day. I just got more used to that.
I realized that if I hit it in the fairways I didn't have to chip out. So I hit the ball really solid today. Just started off a little slow with a couple bogeys.
But I knew on the range tonight and today that I was going to play better today. And that's sort of the way I looked at it. And I got it going a little bit. You just have to be real real patient.

Q. At the end of the day it was even better?
GENE JONES: Yes. I would. I tend to get stronger as it goes along. I never played here before and I really didn't know what to expect. I was just happy to play in the tournament.
So I got here and I was sort of confused a little early with the high rough. I haven't played much of that. But I just kept working at it real hard.
And I drove the ball good. I kept it in the fairway all day today. And in the light rough a couple times. But I just played solid. I had one 3-putt and a couple bogeys. But other than that it was a beautiful day.

Q. After those first two bogeys you really got it going with a nice little birdie there. What was the difference? What did you see out there, besides making the putt?
GENE JONES: Well starting out, it's -- I don't know. I've been hitting the ball pretty good and I felt like that I was going to play well today.
I had two bogeys early, but two of the three are just hard holes. But the key thing for me today is on No. 2 I drove it perfect. It stayed in the rough, but I hit it real real solid. I was hitting the ball real good today. This is the kind of course that you got to hit the ball solid and you got to keep it in play.
I missed two short putts. Actually, I had it inside three, four feet for the pars there. And then after that, just hit the ball real solid the rest of my round on the front nine and just, I really was just at ease a little bit, which you have to do on this course. Which is what I did. I got at ease a little bit. I drove it real straight and it just felt nice today. It was a good feeling to shoot under par.

Q. Go through your birdies for me, if you would.
GENE JONES: I'm going to need some paperwork here. As I go on the front nine, I end up shooting 1-over, so I had a birdie on, I think it was like 6, the par-4.

Q. 5, 12, and 13.
GENE JONES: Okay. There you go. I told you I would need paperwork. But I tell you 5 -- you got so many holes here -- that I'm a couple over par and the whole group, none of us were really playing that good, but we're all hitting it real good. So I hit it in the fairway there, which I didn't do the last couple days. Hit a nice little wedge in there. And it looked like -- and I said, hey, this putt's straight in the jar. It never moved. Made it.
So I got a little momentum. I think what you'll see is if you get a little momentum on this course and you get into a rhythm it's a lot easier to play. But you got to have that rhythm. You can't be kind of hesitating or holding back. And that's what I did today. I sort of let it go a little bit and just started trusting my swing a little bit.

Q. 14 and 15, how did you like what those holes offered you?
GENE JONES: Well that's the holes that you have to -- the one up the hill, right? Yeah, the one up the hill. It's short. The key thing there is the pin's in the valley today. And it's in the short -- if you can take it a little past the pin and it rolls right back to it. So not a very difficult shot.
I had about 70 yards, so I one hopped it, got on the hill and it rolled back. And I was waiting for the people to clap and I thought, gee, you know, I saw a couple people clap, they sort of have to do it out here, you know. And I thought, man, I hope it didn't stay up on top. And I get up there and I got a 3-footer. But the people were hitting on the tee right ahead of us so they couldn't yell, I guess.
So I made a birdie there. And the par three was a good hole too. I hit a 7-iron in there about 18 feet above the hole and drained it. I hit it close on the next hole. I was thinking about birdieing in. It didn't work out that way. But I'm never disappointed shooting under par in the last round. I'm very pleased with it.

Q. Not many guys were under par today.
GENE JONES: Well I always said, you just got to really drive it straight. And then the irons, it's very difficult with the pins today. They had them cut right behind bunkers and the scoring, it's going to go up today.

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