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May 25, 2008

Jim Woodward


Q. Just sort of overall what kind of things do you take out of playing at Oak Hill this week?
JIM WOODWARD: I take if I ever come back to Oak Hill again it will be too soon. I give, it wins. End of statement.

Q. Sort of talk about today's round in particular.
JIM WOODWARD: Bad. Oh, I shouldn't say bad. I made some bad swings and I shot at some pins that I shouldn't have.
That adds up to a 79.

Q. What was the biggest problem with the court?
JIM WOODWARD: The rough. Driving it in the rough is bad.
That's what I did all week.

Q. Do you have anything positive about the experience that you can think of?
JIM WOODWARD: No. I think any time you're at a Major it's a positive. Here's the good news, anywhere I go from here is going to be easier. So that's what I take from here.

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