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May 25, 2008

Bob Cameron


Q. Tell us about your great round today.
BOB CAMERON: It was a fighting round. I think that was the thing. I managed to keep getting it up-and-down. I had five up-and-downs out of six bunkers.
So that tells you maybe my striking wasn't really as good as it should have been, but just tried to keep concentrating and I knew that the scoring was going to be high, so the better I could do, the higher I would finish.

Q. I think 70 right now is the second or third best score of the guys that have come in. There's only been one guy under par. So great score. What did you do after yesterday to get it going today?
BOB CAMERON: Didn't over complicate anything at all. I just tried to keep it simple and obviously I struggled yesterday, maybe that was due to playing such great players as Tom. I think and the way I finished up watching what he was doing rather than focusing on my own golf.
And today I had a better focus like I did in the first two rounds. I just wish I could have -- wishing is no difference, but, no, I think that was the main difference.

Q. How would you sum up your week? Enjoyable?
BOB CAMERON: Tremendous. Absolutely tremendous. It's not often you get your picture on the front page of the local sports page, which I happened to get it on the first day after making a comical action on the 18th.
But everything's been fabulous. The crowds have been wonderful and so appreciative. So it's great to come over and play. We would like to come over more often. So, yeah, that's just the system and you have to play better just to make it.

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