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May 25, 2008

Mike Barge


Q. How did it go today?
MIKE BARGE: Just a little bit better. Not much. I scored a little bit better. But still had some trouble only the greens and drove it crooked. Which hurts you out here.
But again the whole experience was just tremendous. To play four rounds under these types of conditions is something that I don't normally get a chance to do. And I don't know if I would want to do it on a weekly basis, but it was a treat.
And the weather turned out fantastic and I think they're going to have a great finish.

Q. So the week was a real thrill?
MIKE BARGE: It was just fantastic, yeah. My brother was caddying for me and my mom and dad are here for the week. So they enjoy watching the golf, and, yeah, this is something that now I'm going to look forward to trying to get back to next year.

Q. What do you take away from this week as a golfer? Beyond the fact that it was a thrill to be up here?
MIKE BARGE: I need to play more. Especially competition. And I knew that coming into here. Again, I haven't played a lot of competition and wasn't as prepared certainly for the conditions as I should have been.
And you can stand on the range and hit balls and feel like you're prepared, but you got to play competition. And I just, I need to play more and I'm just going to have to try to budget my time and try to do that if I want to be a little bit more competitive in these things.
Because it's, this is a different atmosphere for me and I need to be a little bit more comfortable in showing up and playing in these things, because I want to play in some more.

Q. I know there was a little bit of weather, wind yesterday, was today weather not a factor at all?
MIKE BARGE: Ideal. Just ideal. It was maybe swirling a couple times or would kind of gust up-and-down, but I mean it's not blowing much more than 10 miles an hour right now. So the leaders may not shoot under par, but I got to believe there's going to be, there could be a 67 or 68 out there today.

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